Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Fashion Tips

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Fashion Tips" today so I thought I'd chime in since I've dedicated the past however many years of my life to the fashion world. Now please note-I do not consider myself a die hard fashionista. I like to look good and feel cute but comfort always wins with me. That being said, these are my tried and true fashion tips, learned best by none other than yours truly.
**ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS buy the size that fits you. No one knows what size you wear unless you tell them. Size does not matter. I can't stress it enough. Do not try to squeeze into a smaller size just because you like that number better!! People will notice the muffin top hanging over your pants. They will notice if your shirt pulls because your chest is too big for the size you are wearing. Wear what fits you. Rip out the size tag if it bugs you.
**Shop your closet. Throw a cardigan over a summer dress, add tights and boots and you have a new winter outfit!
**Accessories go a long way. They can change your entire outfit and you don't even have to spend much money! I love Forever 21, Sam Moon, Aldo, Target, and Stein Mart for accessories like scarves, jewelry, headbands, etc. Etsy is also a great place to find unique pieces.
**Use resources. If you see a picture of an outfit you like in a magazine, rip it out and bring it with you when you go shopping. Celebrities have stylists who are paid big bucks to make them look good, so use their outfits as inspiration!!
**When picking a celebrity style, use a celebrity who has a similar body type to you. If you're tall, don't pick a petite celebrity. Look at people who look similar to you.
**Plan, plan, plan. I've started to plan my outfits because I got tired of wearing the same type of thing all the time. It's easy to go for the same thing in your closet when you know it works. I know we're all short on time but just giving yourself 10 minutes will make a difference. Do a test run if you can. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but there is nothing worse than going out when you don't feel good about yourself. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves!! Make the effort to take care of you. It'll go a long way.
**If you're completely lost on your style and what works for you, then utilize the services that department stores offer!! Nordstrom's personal shopping service is free. And I know this b/c I used to be a Nordstrom Personal Shopper. The stylists there will work with you, help you find a style and work pieces into your existing wardrobe...and the only thing you pay for is the merchandise you buy!!

I hope this gives some of ya'll ideas! Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend. :o)


  1. You are so right about planning ahead of really does make a difference.

    Your little Bugaboo is precious!

  2. When you come up in 12 days(!!!!!), how about you re-enact those personal shopping days? I'm gonna take off that Tuesday you're here (except for a lunch meeting I need to come in for), but you can sleep until 2 and then we'll drink and shop? The drinking is for me and the shopping is for you...think about it!

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