Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To market, to market

There is nothing like spending a rainy evening in bed, listening to the thunder and absolutely loving it. Is it weird that that makes me happy??
I should point out that I'm not usually in bed by 8:00...ever. But after a sleepless night last night and a very productive day with a bestie today, I've decided to crash early. The world can wait until tomorrow.
I spent the day at market playing assistant merchandiser to a very productive and fashionable bestie Jana. She and her bf, Scott, own a company called Gameday Cloth (ya'll should check it out...absolutely fabulous, upscale collegiate wear.) They asked me to help at an event tomorrow and since one must have a complete selection of merchandise, Jana and I spent a couple hours at market today to pick out the accessories.
I might have found two pieces for myself that of course, are absolutely fabulous...well at least I think so! But ya'll be the judge.

I am obsessed with statement necklaces...seriously! Definitely a habit worth mentioning and should there come a day I need to go to meetings for it, then so be it. :o) I've been wanting a bib style for a long time and I love silver. Done and done!!

I also love layering super simple necklaces. This one says "Dream." I think we all need to dream a little now and then, right? Defenitely more of an optimistic saying and perfect for the days when I'm...not. (Which lets face it, these days I should just wear it permanently.)
I heart shopping with Jana b/c she's so confident in her fashion choices. And while I might see something and think it's fabulous, I don't always have the confidence to pick it out...meanwhile, she's already planned an entire outfit around it, ha!
Anyway, after a quick lunch, an attempted creative trip to Michael's and the quickest trip to the mall ever, I found myself going to the AT&T store to fix my thankfully-still-under-warranty blackberry.
And now here I am...happily drugged up (legally, thankyouverymuch) and ready for bed...all before 9:00.
I hope ya'll have a fabulous night! I'm gonna go fall asleep to the thunder. :o)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something in the air...

I know how this post is gonna make me sound. And I definitely don't mean to sound the way I'm going to. But have ya'll ever met a couple and they just seem completely mismatched?!? I've noticed that a lot lately. And a lot of times I look at a couple and think "how in the world did that happen?!?"
Granted, I don't know these people. This is just going off the first impression alone. But seriously...there is something in the air lately!
Obviously, there's no protocol saying who should be with who. People are with another person for a reason, so who cares what anyone else thinks?
But I think it's funny. And usually 2 minutes after meeting them, it all makes sense. And then I end up getting a little jealous.
ANYWAY, in homage (omage??? whatever!! You know what I'm talking about!) this post is dedicated to "mismatched Hollywood Couples." In my perspective of course.

I was surprised when Courtney Cox and David Arquette got together (I was about 17 at the time and of course I knew everything about love back then, ha!) but I love these two together. Courtney has always seemed quiet and serious to me (although she is anything but in her new show Cougar Town) and David has always struck me as the goofy and funny type. It's a great balance if you ask me. :o)

I heart Ross and Rachel. Gorgeous naive fashionista meets nerdy but lovable Paleantologist...enough said!

I absolutely loved Carrie and Aidan together!! Unfortunately, they were kinda doomed from the start. True country boy and a true city works for a lot of people but these two were just too different. Sigh...:o(

Who are ya'lls favorite Hollywood couples??

Sunday, March 14, 2010

There's a reason...

Why St. Patty's Day is only once a year! I don't know about other parts of the country, but in Dallas, there's a block party that pretty much everyone ventures out for. And for those who don't favor the block party, there's at least 100 house parties to go to. Since the block party has pretty much become our tradition, my girls (and some guys) and I woke up bright and early, made pina coladas at 10am (because at what better time is there to have a pina colada??) and mosied our way down to the block party around 11:30ish or so.
Now granted, all year long this seems like a good idea. It's only after the block party that we're filled with thoughts of "what were we thinking??" and "we're sooo not doing this next year!!"
But truth be told, it's a great time and I love it. A crowded street filled with friends on what is hopefully a bright, sunny day...I mean, what could be better??
On the other hand, there is a very good reason why this type of party only happens once a year. I won't mention the overconsumption of beer we all drank or the annoying girl who spilled her drink on my friend.
However, I will happily mention the man we saw with a green mohawk, the leprechaun who served us beer, and the extremely hilarious act of a friend (who will remain nameless) taking a beer out of a drunk man's cargo pocket without him knowing...I know it sounds mean but it was actually a complete act of chivalry!! The man should've been cut off hours before we ever got to him so really, she just did him a favor. :o)
Anyway, here are some pictures from the day...enjoy!!

Before the debauchary :o)

Tess and I in our matching shirts

Les and I stopped dancing long enough to take a pic! Dancing makes us happy :o)

Super excited we found more friends!!

Awww...these pics make me wanna do it all over again! I can't wait till next year. :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here I am!!

I've obviously been MIA this week, I'm sorry! I've been struggling with the no job thing a lot so I decided to spare ya'll from my "woe is me" attitude and wallow in my self pity're welcome. :o) Unfortunately, my family hasn't been so lucky. (And for that I owe them many, many thanks.)
I got an e-mail from my friend Ashley today wanting to know if I was still alive or if broken a bone tripping over Toby and couldn't get to my phone (which I have to say, would just be tragic.) It's obviously time to come out of hiding when you get an e-mail like that so this is my official announcement that I'm here and alive, yay!
On Tuesday I decided I needed to get out of this funk for my sanity, as well as the sanity of my loved ones, so I accepted an invitation to go to dinner with Jana on Wednesday. Half price dinner, who can turn that down?!?! Well dinner is only as cheap as the wine you drink and after 4 glasses of wine each, dinner was not cheap for me or Jana anymore...oops. But it was fun!!!! :o) And thankfully just what I needed. Our night ended with Rockband in Jana and Scott's living room and it's better for everyone if we don't relive that. I'm a WII girl, plain and simple.
To continue the "woe is me is not cute" movement, Ashley and I went out for margaritas tonight. Have I ever mentioned how much I love margaritas?? YUUUMMMM!!!
I've been debating whether or not to write about this (because at this point it's pointless) but I met a cute guy on Saturday. Like butterflies in tummy cute. And yes, I realize I'm putting this in writing for all the world to see...but ya'll, I don't even remember the last time I had butterflies. It has been a long, long time. Granted, I only talked to the guy for a minute but OMG. My friend Chase introduced us (and tried to convince me he was a Mavs player. I told Chase if there was a guy who looked like that on the Mavs, I would know!!)
Anyway, I was upset I didn't get to talk to him more. It's my own fault but I'm shy and I figure if a guy wants to talk to me, then he will! (Don't worry, I know I have to get out of that mindset....I've been told.) Ashley knew I liked this guy so she called Chase tonight to get the info on this guy...and yes, I realize it is totally junior high of me to ask my friend to call her friend to ask about the guy I got butterflies about. (Did you catch that??) But I rarely ever feel like this so I figured, why not?? You only live once, right?
We'll see what (if anything) happens!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Favorite (Fashion) Time of Year!!

Sigh, the Oscars. My favorite fashion holiday. And yes people, it is a holiday. There is nothing I love more than over-the-top-glamour with couture gowns (in some cases, straight off the runway) and gorgeous men in well fitting tuxedos. Seriously...can we all please just have a moment of silence for the gorgeousness that was last night?

Elizabeth Banks in Versace. How beautiful was she?? I absolutely love love LOVE this color!! And of course, we all know how I feel about ruffles. Absolutely Fabulous.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Haute Couture, need I say more? I don't care what anyone says, there are no words to describe how much I love this look. Absolute Perfection.

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa. Absolutely Flawless. Gold is not an easy color to wear but she has never been more beautiful! I love the hair, the lipstick, the whole look. And I have never been so happy to see someone win!!!

Sigh, my idol. I absolutely heart Jennifer Lopez and her fashion sense. She knows how to make the most of her figure and this dress is no exception. Absolutely Stunning.

And of course, because it is the the most glamourous night in Hollywood, costume changes are necessary. Here are some of my Favorite After Party Looks.

Jennifer Lopez's Vanity Fair After Party Look. In my eyes, this woman can do no wrong. Sleek and Fahionable without being over the top. Fabulous!!

Kate Beckinsale at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. I love the slinkyness and shine of this dress. It's sexy without being too much.

Victoria Beckham, reigning Queen of all things Fashion, at Elton John's Oscar Viewing Party. Enough said.

I absolutely love my choices but I was sad there wasn't more color on the Red Carpet! It was quite subdued for what is known as Hollywood's most fashionable night. The pale tones and metallics we saw were absolutely gorgeous but let's work on color for next year people, shall we? Bring on the blues, purples, yellows and greens!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let's see how much I can whine...

Have you ever had a day you just feel like you’re constantly suffocating? It feels like a constant panic attack. And on those days, I would give anything to stand on top of the tallest building possible and scream at the top of my lungs.
I’ve had a lot of that feeling lately. I try to wake up every day with a good attitude but lately it’s become an internal battle. I know I'm blessed. I get incredibly frustrated with myself when I feel so "woe is me" because I know it doesn't help anything.
I'm sure ya'll can see the dilema...I'm already sad. Then I get mad at myself for being sad because I know I'm blessed and should be grateful for the things I have. Then I'm sad again because I know better than to waste my time being angry, especially when I'm so lucky. And then I'm mad again because I'm only human and if I'm sad or mad then so be it!! It's not right or wrong, it's just an emotion everyone has the right to feel and I shouldn't feel guilty about it but I do. (Now I don't know about ya'll, but I'm exhausted.)
I have worked hard the past couple years to get my life back to “normal” after going through a bad breakup. I try to take the lessons I learned with me and leave the bad stuff in the past. But honestly, as any bad breakup would, it changed me in some ways. Most of the changes are good. But the one change I hate is that I don’t trust people (or myself) like I used to.
A lot has changed in the recent years and I was so consumed in a miserable job that I didn't really notice anything else until I stopped working. I didn't realize how much I miss having a group of girlfriends. I still have my girls, but it’s not the same when they’re all in a relationship.
More times than not, I find myself being the tag along, which is good with me most of the time. But I do miss the Sunday night dinners, the big group of us going out and I miss being stupid and silly. We used to have sleepovers, lazy days together and last minute random nights out. It’s just not like that anymore. We were never the type of girls who went out to meet fact, it was always our goal to be "those girls." The ones you want to be friends with because they're just having way too much fun. And most nights, we succeeded! I miss those days so much sometimes my heart hurts.
Lately, it seems like things have just gotten so complicated. On top of missing my girlfriends, I miss having guy friends. It seems like anytime I become friends with a guy, it turns into a game of “oh he likes you!” and so forth. 90% of the time they don’t actually like me “like that.” Do they like me? Of course. They better like me if I’m gonna be their friend! But it gets really old having to explain that “this guy and I are just friends.” And then I become so paranoid about leading a guy on that I miss out on a great friendship.
A friend of mine told me recently that I’m “weird with guys.” And there is nothing I don’t want to be more than that. That’s not me. At least, it didn’t use to be. This is the exact reason why I love being friends with my friend’s significant others. There’s never any complication of “oh he likes you!” They're easy friendships. In my mind, I’ve become their little sister. And while I love having them as brothers, it’s not like they’re really “my” friends. They’re involved with my friends so they’re my friends by default. Yes, I love them, but it’s not like I can call them to come to dinner with me or make them come over and hang out with me because I'm bored.
I feel guilty for posting this. There are so many areas of my life that are absolutely fabulous and yet here I am, whining about the things that aren't. But I'm hoping that putting it in writing will help me get it outta my system so I can move on and focus again on what is actually fabulous.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Team Tenley

I don't know how many of ya'll keep up with the Bachelor BUT...(if you do, and haven't seen the season finale yet, please don't read ahead. SPOILERS POSTED!!)
This show alone has given the women of the world A LOT to talk about...or at the very least, me a lot to think about! Jake chose the Vienna!! Why?????????? Ya'll should know, I'm not a Vienna fan, period. I'm just very wary of girls who can't get along with other girls. In my experience, that "type" of girl was always very insecure and very immature. And 7 times out of 10, I've been friends with those girls (the same ones!) later in my life.
Here is the point of my rambling...there are many girls who, at 23, are ready for marriage. Good for them. There is no "right" age to be ready for marriage as we all know. You just are when you are. But to me, it's a major warning sign that girls aren't ready when they can't get along with other girls. It sounds silly, I know!! But guys, take note. The girls who have trouble having girlfriends have a lot of growing up to do. And chances are, they wouldn't pick the same guy at 23 as they would at 28 anyway so really, I'm just saving ya'll a world of pain. You're welcome. :o)
I don't know Tenley personally but I was so proud of her when she told Jake she was happy not to be Vienna. (I really did clap and scream "yyyyeeeaaaahhhhh Tenley!!!" when she said that.) I mean seriously...who wants to be proposed to when your man is that conflicted between you and another girl???
I know a lot of people feel like Tenley harped on being cheated on and betrayed. To some extent, she did. But in my opinion, (because I know ya'll are just begging to hear it) until you've been though it, you can't judge it or the way someone feels about it or handles it, period.
I'm really just the "good girls" ever get a happy ending? Do the girls who got hurt, and have trouble opening up (for good reason) ever get their happy ending too?
The bad girl always seems to win...why doesn't the "good" girl?? What's the point of "being good" if we don't ever get our happy ending?