Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Good Reason to Get Outta Bed

I finally went to the doctor this morning (my appt was at 7:45!) b/c I am OVER being sick. I tried to suck it up and see if I could get better on my own and well...that wasn't happening.
So I woke up early and went to see my beloved doctor, Dr. Walters. I drive far to see her b/c I absolutely love her. This may sound weird, but I like her b/c she talks to you when you visit. She wants to know what's going on with you and treats you like a person, not a patient. And when I come in sick, she babies me and I love that, I'll admit it. :o)
I'm by myself down here, so I don't really have anyone to take care of me when I am sick or hurt. But honestly, I'm not that great with people taking care of me. My friends try and I shoo them away. When I feel bad, I really just like to be alone!
Anyway, on to the diagnosis....dum dum dum dum....Bronchitis AND Sinusitis! NO WONDER WHY I FEEL AWFUL. I was kinda worried that this was in my head and I was being dramatic and it was really just a cold. But nope, it's not. So I actually feel better knowing it is something. (I guess not having a voice all week should've been my first clue that it was more than a cold.) I got a steroid shot this morning and I don't do shots. OUCH!! I also got a decongestant, an antibiotic and an inhaler.
I hope I feel better by tomorrow. I actually miss the gym...and I need to get focused again on finding a job.
I hope ya'll have had a much better week than I have!!
PS-Please continue to keep the victims of the Haiti earthquake in your prayers. There's a huge star studded telethon scheduled to air tomorrow night. Go to Hope for Haiti Telethon for more info!

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