Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Thursday...or Friday Eve as Katie calls it

Have ya'll ever just had a blah week? Nothing bad happens, but nothing great happens either. I mean it's life...let's face it, not every week can be fabulous.
But I get so annoyed with myself when I get in these moods b/c the majority of my life IS fabulous. I am so lucky to be rich in the things that matter...I have my health, my family, my friends, and my dog. And on top of all that, I'm lucky enough to be able to afford the things I need which is way more than a lot of people can say right now. So I get REALLY annoyed with myself when I get depressed about trivial things. (See? I told ya'll I frustrate myself!)
I've struggled to write this week because I haven't really decided how personal I want this blog to be. I don't want to write super personal things on here but then again, the reason I started this blog is so that I can share things with loved ones I don't get to talk to everyday. So I don't know...hopefully I'll figure it out soon! I definitely don't want to look back at these entries in a couple months and cringe at what I wrote.
ANYWAY, I hope ya'll are having a better week than I am. I had a rough couple days with my back (insert eye roll here) and I went to the chiropractor for the first time on Wednesday in a year and a half. Honestly, I'm thrilled I was able to go that long without a treatment. I guess the working out thing actually does work. :o)
I actually do have a humorous story for you...the bad day with my back was Tuesday and if you haven't dealt with me and my back pain, you need to drop to your knees right now and thank the angels above! There is nothing cute or fun about it and let me tell you, I was in some serious pain. And I wanted my mom's gumbo soup for dinner. It's easy to make and so yummy so I thought I could at least handle that and maybe I'd feel better if I got a healthy, warm dinner in me. (The lean cuisine I had at lunch just wasn't cutting it.) So I stopped at the store, got the stuff I needed to make it and went straight home thinking I had the gumbo mix at home. Well I didn't. And I was so upset. All I wanted was a nice bowl of gumbo for dinner!! Is that too much to ask?!?
So I did what any mature, pained woman would do...I poured myself a big glass of wine, got an ice pack, plopped my pathetic booty on the couch and watched Sex and The City. (Don't worry, I got soup from Whole Foods over the weekend so I just ate that for dinner instead...not quite the same but close enough.) It was probably the most pathetic sight no one got to see. If I had cried, it would've been a full fledged tantrum.
Thankfully for me, no one was around so no one got to witness the disgrace that was my life. Even though I just shared it with you.
If you still love me after hearing that story, thank you. I wouldn't blame you if ya'll turned around and ran.
PS- I did just get good news. I just found out that between me and my sisters, I didn't have the highest cell phone roaming charges while in Canada. WOO-HOO!!!


  1. Yay!! So glad you found me on here- what a small world that you found me on Kelly's Korner! Your blog is super cute- I love your first post, too. Well said.

  2. Omg I am so happy you reminded me about this blog so that I get a chance to defend myself.

    1) Thanks for the shoutout- Thursday Eve is pretty brilliant if I do say so myself.

    2) I am still angry about the cell phone bill and I still think they got it backwards. If anyone reading your blog can shed light on what could POSSIBLY have cost $37, that would be great.