Monday, February 1, 2010

Why are you single?

I cannot tell you how much I hate that question. It's the worst question to be asked. I feel like it's literally code for "what's wrong with you?" But at the same time, I'm a complete hypocrite because I wonder the same thing about other singles. So really, it's a no win situation.
But really, how is one supposed to answer that?? I guess there are a few options. I mean you could sit there and tell a complete stranger everything that's wrong with you. OR you could play coy and tell them you're not single even though we both know you are OR you could sit there and tell them you haven't met anyone special yet (in which case they'll be outta there faster than you can finish that sentence anyway because nothing scares a guy more than a girl who's actually looking for a relationship.)
I know I focus on being single way too much. Truth be told it does get lonely sometimes especially when 99% of your friends are married, engaged or in a relationship! I'm so happy for them, I just wish I was in the same place in my life! (Okay, that's a lie. There are many days that I'm thrilled I'm single and able to be selfish, especially when my friends and family are so awesome and I'm able to spend all my free time with them!! I actually told a friend this past week that it's their fault I'm single because if they weren't so awesome I wouldn't want to spend so much time with them. Ha!)
It's just my fear in life that I'm gonna be the old lady with cats. And I don't even like cats. (That fear is right up there with the whole "being the girl who smells bad" thing.) Ha, when I told Lesli about this she said "don't could always be the old lady with dogs. At least then you'd be original!" (Correction: both Lesli and Katie told me this!)
I just thought I'd have everything figured out by now, you know? I'm 28 and not getting any younger!! And it would be nice to have someone special in my life. I miss being excited about someone. But then again, there's a lot of emotional baggage that comes with liking someone and I don't know if I can handle that right now. So I guess it'll just happen when it happens!
I hate that it's so easy to focus on the negative in life especially when there's so much positive. Why is that?? One bad day and you think about it for weeks. One good day and you forget about it tomorrow. ya'll have this problem??

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