Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prayers Needed

Ya'll, prayers are needed for my friend Bernie and his family. They lost Bernie's 21 year old sister last night due to injuries she received in a mugging early yesterday morning. My heart hurts so badly for them; no one should ever have to go through this kind of tragedy. Below is a link to one of the articles about her death.
Kyleigh Sousa Story
The family is starting a fund in her name, as soon as info is available, I'll pass it along.
Hug your loved ones a little harder today and please don't forget life is short. Live everyday like it's your last.

Added: the link below is Kyleigh's obituary. Fund information is at the bottom of the page.
Kyleigh Sousa Obituary

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey loves,
Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up...there's a public website on the internet right now called It's creepy but they publicly share any private info about you they can find (whether it be address, phone number, relationship info, family info, hobbies, income $$, home value, etc.) No idea how they know all this but it's very unsettling.
To remove yourself from the directory, simply go to privacy at the bottom of the page, copy/paste your URL and enter a valid email. You'll receive confirmation that your info has been removed. To my knowledge, they can't repost once you deleted your profile. (I've gone back several times and checked.)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Favorites

I don't know about other parts of the country, but in Dallas, Tx, it is OFFICIALLY summer! And considering it isn't even June yet, I'd say we Texans are in for one HOT season. In honor of the recent temps, I'm posting my can't-live-without/must-needs of the season. What are ya'lls?

Fav Thing #1: Sonic Lemon Slush
OMG. For all you lemon lovers, I'm telling you, this is heaven in a cup. I allow myself one (maybe two) a week and let me tell ya'll, when I pull into that drive thru, I am a happy girl. Perfect lemony goodness.

Fav thing #2: Pool Time!!
How amazing does this place look?? I love going to pool parties in the summer. (It's great motivation to spend some quality time at the gym too, ha!) The place below is the Urban Oasis at Hotel Zaza, a very popular place to be. Great drinks, great people watching and how could you not be happy lounging on one of those comfy chairs??

Fav thing #3: April Fresh Downy Febreeze
Weird thing to be on my fav list, right? I love, love, love the scent that comes out of this bottle. Obviously, I'm super scent sensitive (uumm hello...I carry deoderant in my purse!) so I'm obviously all about lighter scents in warmer months and heavier ones in the winter. This febreeze scent is summer in a bottle. It smells like downy..fresh and clean with a slight floral scent. I spray it everywhere just because it makes everything smell so good!!

Fav thing #4: Yoplait Delights Lemon Torte
Here we go with the lemon again, right?? I am always looking for ways to curb my lemon obsession. And by that I mean, find substitutes for my lemon jello cake cravings, lemon bar cravings, lemon cheesecake cravings, etc. This yogurt is amazing. I was skeptical at first because I have high standards for anything lemon. This passed my test. So good! And thank you Yoplait, for creating something that I can eat everyday guilt free!!

Fav Thing #5: Flip Flops
I live in flip flops all summer. So comfy, so cute and they work with 75% of my wardrobe. What more can a girl ask for??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some of life's most treasured moments include:

Fun little glasses filled with yummy goodness...

A guilt free classic indulgence...

A furbaby playdate...

People kind enough to entertain us (and I do mean make us laugh out loud)...

And of course, this girl!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Food Poisoning is the Devil

So I've discovered the best diet ever. Just get food poisoning and you won't want to eat anything ever again. Not exactly a healthy diet but on the bright side, I've never felt skinnier.
Is it possible to get food poisoning from frozen food? I ate a Lean Cuisine for lunch on Thursday. And about 30 minutes later I felt weak, shaky, sweaty and nauseous. I'm anemic though and sometimes I feel like that (minus the nausea) if I haven't had enough iron. So I took an iron pill and drank some orange juice to get some sugar in my system.
Then I went to meet Jana for sushi! Ha, I couldn't have been feeling that bad, right?? I did feel better after I ate with her so I figured it was the iron thing. wasn't. I'll spare the details but let's just say I'm never eating a lean cuisine ever again. Even if it wasn't that that made me sick, I still won't eat one. Frozen food shouldn't do that to you though, right?? Isn't that the point of freezing food??
It's Sunday and nothing sounds good...still! I've eaten more chicken soup than I care to think about and more pretzels and crackers than I care to admit. But nothing sounds good! Do ya'll have any remedies?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catch 22

So this thing called life...kinda not so fun sometimes right? Especially this whole adult thing...I miss the young days. And even when I was young, I missed the younger days. Guess it just goes to show you need to appreciate what you have when you have it, right?
My parents taught my sisters and I a lot of things at an early much I have always hated to hear it (and still do), I am very grateful my parents taught me early on that life just isn't fair. (That's not to say it isn't great at the same time.)
Amongst the other things they taught me: things happen, learn from them. Don't be a victim to anyone or anything in life. Humor goes a long way to make difficult things less difficult. Don't take yourself too seriously, no one else ever will. They also taught me life is's not always and ever a field of roses. To know and appreciate the good, you have to experience and learn from the bad, right? In hindsight though, who wants to have a life of all good things? How can you really ever know the good things if you don't ever experience the bad?
That being said, I kinda had a rough day today. Not in the lazy-I-don't-wanna-get-outta-bed-kinda-way but more in the lets-think-of-everything-I-don't-like-about-myself-and-focus-on-that kinda way.
After I was done focusing on those entertaining thoughts, I decided to just go with my mood and focus on anything that has irrationally irritated me lately. (Please notice I did say these were irrational thoughts. I am well aware that you may leave this post thinking I've lost my mind. It's absolutely, 100%, completely possible.)
Let me preface by saying I am well aware that there are people who take advantage of things. I know some people are perfectly content living on unemployment and willing to take advantage of any opportunity they might benefit from. And businesses and people need to protect themselves. But I think it really stinks that everyone has to abide by these rules because of the idiots that the aformentioned people are.
Thought #1- For people who pay their bills late because they don't have the money. Who was the selfish moneyhog who thought of charging people late fees?? Granted, if you have a job and can afford to pay your bills on time, you should be charged a late fee b/c you're probably just being lazy or forgetful. But what if you're paying late because you don't have the money at the said time the bill is due?? What idiot thought it'd be smart to charge people more money when they don't even have the money to begin with?? Ever hear of a grace period?!
Thought #2- My bank is charging me a $10.00 fee because I don't have any money going into my account by direct deposit (i.e. a paycheck.) What heartless prick decided it'd be fun to kick someone while they're down? I already don't have a paycheck. But sure, go ahead and please take $10.00 of my unemployment money for maintence fees. By the way, would you mind telling me exactly what my maintence fees are paying for??
The following thought has nothing to do with unemployment.
Thought #3- The ridiculousness that is America's fat epidemic. (I told you I have a lot of time on my hands.) Let's start by realizing that healthy food is NOT CHEAP OR anyone! If I didn't care what I looked like or how I felt, I'd buy the cheap fried chicken fingers in the frozen section at the store and the 2 for $3 bags of Cool Ranch Doritos and live off that while I'm on unemployment. Unfortunately, I care about my looks and health so I work with my budget to buy healthy food which by the way, doesn't come in 2 for $3 bags in any way.
Just a perfect world, a healthy and yummy fast food restaurant would be on every corner, banks wouldn't charge ridiculous maintence fees, and you'd only have to pay late fees on bills because you were lazy or forgetful. A girl can dream, right??

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend with my Momma

My mom came into town on Thursday for a few celebrations, all of which convienently, and coincidentally, were this weekend!
Friday morning we went to my adopted hometown of Southlake, which is about 30 minutes away. We met up with my mom's friend Ms. Pat, ate lunch at Corner Bakery, walked around town square and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by Ms. Pat's gorgeous pool. I put this picture up on Facebook...

and promptly got a call from Jana wondering where I was with the beautiful lounge chairs and perfectly manicured lawn. :o) Little man didn't enjoy pool time as much as I did but I think he was just bitter that I gave him a bath. Poor's hard to be beautiful!
The first official celebration was my "brother" Cameron's high school graduation party on Friday night. The Brennans moved in next door to us in 1996 and the rest, they say, is history. We adopted them and they adopted us. They have 3 boys (Cameron is the oldest) and we have 3 girls so it was perfect! I love that even though we haven't lived in that house for about 8 years now, we still treat each other like family.

Me, Cameron and Mom
The party was amazing and Melanie went all out. And I do mean all out...please take note of the customized M&M's!

Saturday we drove to Houston for my cousin Nicole's Confirmation. If you're Catholic, do you remember your confirmation name? My mom couldn't remember her name, let alone mine. And I don't even remember taking one! How bad is that?? BAD!!

Us at Church before the ceremony. After a lot of food, a little bit of wine and lots of dessert, we headed back to Dallas/Southlake on Monday.
We had a delicious Mother's Day dinner at my mom's favorite restaurant on Monday night with Ms. Pat and Melanie and then had a slumber party at Melanie's. I don't care what anyone says, you're never too old for a slumber party. :o)
I had Toby with me the entire weekend and I was one proud momma. He did so good!! Little man needs a backyard. He loved runnin' around all weekend without a leash on and he could go wherever he wanted as long as I could see him. I didn't have to worry though. He always came back to me whenever I called him with an annoyed look on his face like "what mom?? I'm playing!!" It cracked me up.
It looks like I'm gonna have to start making use of friend's backyards because unfortunately I'm not getting one anytime soon!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion Holiday in New York

Costume Insitute Gala 2010. Ya'll have to know I was on pins and needles patiently waiting for pictures of the fabulousness that is the Costume Institute Gala to go public this morning. If only the stupid thing was televised...I'm gonna have to talk to someone about that.
Anyway, it was. Pure fabulousness. Now I know my taste in fashion may not be everyone's cup of tea. (There are no hard feelings, I promise.) Fashion, like beauty, is an opinion. If everyone agreed with everyone else about what looked good, then well, we'd all look alike and that's just boring...not to mention creepy.
I believe in having fun with fashion choices because what's the point of fashion if you can't have fun with it?? What's the point of dressing up if you're always going to wear a black dress?!
Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now. Without further adeiu, here are my most favorite gowns of the night.

Brooke Shields. This woman just gets more and more beautiful! I LOVE this dress. The metallic color is absolutely gorgeous, the shimmer is glamorous and the modest neckline combined with the slinky cut is pure fabulousness. Absolute Perfection!

Blake Lively. If I could wear this dress, I would. The color is amazing, the ruffle floral detail is exquisite and seriously, how much more gorgeous can this girl look?? I love that she picked something so daring and bold. You can't wear dresses like this forever and I love that she's doing it while she can. Glamorously Bold.

Giuliana Rancic. We know how I feel about ruffles and floral details. I love that this dress is quiet sassiness. The color is stunning, the hemline floral detail is gorgeous and the bustline is the difference between unique and basic. If I ever get married, I want my dress to look something like this! Fabulously Chic.

Jennifer Lopez, oh how I love thee. The look of this dress was so soft but oh so stunning. I love the details on the sweetheart neckline, the silver color of the bodice and can we please mention how gorgeous the leaves were on the skirt of the dress?? So unexpected. LOVE this dress!! One of my new favorite color combos. Absolutely Glamorous.

Jessica Szohr. I gasped when I saw this dress. The color combo is absolutely fabulous, the floral detail on the bodice traveling to the skirt is perfection and this is the most perfect dramatically glamorous dress I have ever seen. The slim bodice and full skirt are a perfect balance of gorgeous, sexy glamour and who doesn't want that?? Dramatic Fabulousness.