Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love my Chiropractor

So I know my last post was quite...real. Unfortunately, frustration and sadness is a part of life and we all have to deal with those feelings sometimes.
After my pity party, I woke up with my back locked up on Monday. Always a welcome surprise! (This is usually why I try to keep my feelings in check.)
I've had a bad back since I was 17 and unfortunately stress doesn't do it any good. But if back problems are the worst thing I have to deal with, then I think I'm pretty lucky. And yes, I would probably say that on even my most painful days (please notice that I did say probably.) It's really the people who have to deal with me on those days that I feel sorry for. :o)
Anyway, I made an "emergency" trip to my trusted chiro yesterday and after getting a small lecture for not seeing him for 3 months, he got my bones back where they need to be and now I'm sore, but at least on the mend with clearance to hit the treadmill tomorrow before I go see him again. YEAH!! It's seriously amazing what a trip to the chiropractor can do.
I never would've thought I'd be happy to work out but I have to admit, I actually enjoy the treadmill. I've kinda missed it this week. (No, you did not just hallucinate. I actually said I missed the treadmill.)
Anyway, I'm gonna retire for the night but I thought a slightly more "upbeat" post was necessary after my last one. I hope ya'll are having a fabulous week.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes it's okay to cry

I had pity party 2010 on Saturday. And there was nothing pretty about it. But it helped...a lot. I sat on my living room floor and cried and cried until I was exhausted. A very pathetic sight I'm sure.
It was a gorgeous day and shockingly enough, I didn't want to be on a patio. I was quite okay with being holed up in my apartment with my dog and Sex and the City DVDs. That sounds pathetic but sometimes you just need those days, you know?
I spent most of the afternoon being alone and sad. And when I had enough of that, I called a bestie, Jana and my sister, Lauren.
After both conversations I was just tired. But they each told me I needed to get out of my head and do something with myself so I met up with my friends Ashley and Price for a couple drinks. I have to say, it was nice to distract myself for a couple hours.
Sunday was better. I met my friend Tracy for brunch, rehashed my pathetic Saturday and then came home and took a very long nap.
A lot of people think crying is a useless emotion and sometimes it is. But sometimes it's exactly what you need to do to move forward. And if it makes you feel better, then what's the harm?? I was raised to focus on the good in my life, not the bad. I'm blessed and I know it. If I don't want other people to feel sorry for me, then I shouldn't feel sorry for me either. All that being said, sometimes a personal adult pity party is all it takes to get back on track. Ladies and gents, I am living proof of this.
For those wondering, nothing bad happened. This whole debacle had to do with the no job thing. I woke up on Friday with a second interview scheduled for today with an amazing company. I was picking out my outfit for the interview when they called to reschedule. As I'm on the phone with them, the company I interviewed with when I had bronchitis and coughed all over the VP called me. Why? I don't know. They have yet to return any of my calls. Extremely frustrating but my Dad tells me a phone call is a good thing. This whole process is just mean. It's emotional, it's exhausting and people tell you things you want to hear even when they're not true. It's like a bad relationship.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why do they call them wisdom teeth??

This morning I took my friend Oliver to get his wisdom teeth out. The poor guy had to have 3 teeth removed and needless to say, was not looking forward to this procedure at all. :o(
2 hours, 3 written prescriptions in hand and a pamphlet of instructions later, the nurse helped him walk (stumble) out the door. Is it wrong if I wanted to ask the dentist for whatever was in the IV?? I'm kidding, of course...kinda. :o)
Ollie wasn't feeling much of anything when he was done so I drove him to Walgreens to get his prescriptions filled and this people, is where I almost lost him. That's right...I almost lost a 37 year old man who had an ice packed wrapped to his face. I literally went to get an ice pack for his freezer (clearly Ollie doesn't suffer from the same clumsiness I do and didn't have any ice packs on hand at his house...where as I have 4 in my freezer ready to go for whatever injury I may suffer from next.) Anyway, I was gone for 2 minutes...came back to the pharmacy area and he was gone. ????? Where on earth did a legally drugged, numb man wanna go?? Liquor aisle...not there. Medicine aisle...not there. Magazine aisle??? Maybe??? Not there.
I found him in the food isle. This is why men and women are from different planets. A woman wouldn't dream of food after getting her wisdom teeth out. Ha, in my eyes this is the best diet on the planet!! But a man? Nope...he wants food. Doesn't matter that he has a mouth so full of cotton that he can't even speak English. He still wants food!!! The doctor said only cold foods today so I promised Ollie a milkshake at McDonalds and his eyes lit up like a 5 year old child who just discovered a new favorite toy. HILARIOUS!!
Anyway, by the time I pulled up to his place, he was much more coherent so I gave him strict instructions to sleep, take his medication as directed and only eat cold foods. Hopefully he listened to me at least once! Anyway, in honor of my morning, I wanted to post this YouTube video I saw on Ellen. Downright hilarious. ENJOY!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Whitey Nelson!!!

Lesli and Whitey are married! YEAH!!!! (This will be a picture heavy post, just fyi...)
I call Lesli my soulmate friend. She and I were born in the same hospital many years ago but met in '04 when we both interned at Nordstrom. I joke that we were destined to be friends since we were both born at Oshner and I'd never known anyone from the New Orleans area, let alone anyone born in the same vicinity! Les and I are two peas in a pod and we take great pride in the fact that people always ask us if we're sisters. :o)
Whitey is the brother I never had. He has always treated me like a friend, instead of his girlfriend's (now wife's) friend and that always meant a lot to me. He treats Les like a queen and has definitely set the bar high as to what I should look for in a relationship and how I should be treated. He's an absolutely amazing person and he and Les are perfect for each other!
Wedding weekend was absolutely perfect, despite the rain that thankfully started after the ceremony did. But rain is good luck on your wedding day and we were inside so all was good in wedding world. :o)
We had an unexpected party on Friday after the rehearsal dinner at the Westin Bar where a "couple of drinks" turned into the bride pouring shots, taking shots and well...ending the night on the elevator floor where she threw olives at people...thankfully people she knew, ha! It's always the unexpected parties that are the best ones, right??

Kristi and I at the rehearsal. Kristi is Les' sister and I swear she and I are the same person in different bodies.

The 6 pack are best friends from high school. How gorgeous are they??

Kristi and I giving our roasts, er, toasts. :o)

This is where the trouble began, ha!

It's only true love if you take shots together. :o)

We got Momma Istre behind the bar!

Nordy Intern Crew (minus Miller.)

Gorgeous Bride in the Church's Bridal Room

My sisters came in for the Wedding :o)

Our Crew :o)

More of the Crew!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Hobby

When I was little, I used to collect keychains and postcards whenever my family and I traveled. I loved going to a new place and getting my made me feel like I was collecting a memory.
Now that I'm older (and forbidden to add any more keychains to my already huge collection), I've decided to start a new hobby.
I've gonna start collecting jewelry!! I'm always on the hunt for accessories anyway, so why not start collecting pieces from places I get to go??
One of my favorite pieces is from New York that I got last Labor Day Weekend when visiting my sisters. I couldn't get a good picture of it but I promise I'll post a picture when I finally get one!
I got the newest pieces for my collection in New Orleans during Lesli's Bachelorette Party. I was literally talking to my friend Tessa about this fabulous idea and we just happenend to stumble (literally stumble, we were exhausted) upon the cutest boutique near Bourbon Street. If that's not meant to be then I don't know what is!
Again, I don't have the greatest pictures of these pieces so I'll work on that today and try to get some uploaded. I never knew how hard it was to take good pictures of jewelry...who ever would've thought??
Do ya'll collect anything?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I've been up to

I'm sorry ya'll! I haven't been doing very well at this blogging thing. Since I've been missing (as my sister was kind enough to point out to me today) I'll catch ya'll up on the past week or so.
Well, for starters, I've been sick...again. Someone must've coughed in Oklahoma b/c I got bronchitis again. I was hoping it was just allergies so I tried to suck it up but I went to the doctor when I got worse. She fixed me up with a steroid shot and lots of meds so I'm happy to say I'm almost back to normal.
Of course the day I decided to go to the doctor, I got a call from a company I've been interviewing with. I had been waiting to meet with the VP for about 2 weeks so of course she was available the day I had a 101 fever. Needless to say, it wasn't the best interview of my career. I actually cringe at the thought of it. I was trying to prove how important the job was to me by going in when I felt so awful but I think the plan backfired. So back to the drawing board...
Anyway, one of my bff's bachelorette party was in New Orleans the weekend I was sick. I seriously thought about not going but I'm in the wedding and I did buy a plane ticket so off to New Orleans I went!
All in all, it was a great weekend. I definitely wish I had been feeling better but oh well. You make the best of the situation you're in and deal with it. Here are some (blog approved) pics from the festivities!

The gorgeous Bachelorette

Of course we made a point to get on stage :o)

Group Shot

After a couple days at home (literally like 3 days I think), I flew to Virginia Beach to spend Easter with my Granny, Mom, Aunt Mari, Uncle Shawn and cousins Sarah and Shane. My mom was booking her trip a while ago and invited me to go too. I absolutely love my Granny so I always jump at the chance to go see her. It was just what the doctor ordered and it was very nice to be taken care of for a bit!
But now it's back to reality with trips to the gym, applying for jobs, and keeping myself busy. It's hard to get back on track but I'm happy to be in a "normal" routine again.
Now if only I could get that awful interview outta my head....sigh. Everything happens for a reason, right??

Spring Favorites

Sigh...I love Spring. I really do love warm, patio weather. It's the it's-so-hot-I-can't-step-outside-without-breaking-into-a-sweat-weather that I really DO NOT care for. I picked the wrong place to live didn't I??
Anyway, to welcome the warmer tempatures, I've decided to list my favorite things about Spring!

Spring Favorite #1: The Romper
My new favorite piece of clothing. How much easier can looking cute get?? I'm on the hunt for a similar style to Nicole Richie's! And I just saw Catt Sadler on E!'s Daily 10 wearing a silk ruffled number and now I'm obsessed with that one too!! This is gonna be a problem, I can tell. :o)

Spring Favorite #2: Patios
I absolutely love sitting on a patio in beautiful weather. It's always so much fun! I don't care if I'm cooking out with friends, enjoying the social scene at a restaurant or just hanging out with Toby on my balcony. I take full advantage of pretty weather whenever I can!
This is Taco Diner in Uptown's West Village, popular for fabulous restuarants and amazing stores. A great patio and shopping all in one place?! Does it get any better??

Spring Favorite #3: Color!
I am loving everything in color lately! Needless to say, I still love my neutrals (black is considered a neutral in my world) but I can't wait to wear some color, whether it be in clothing or accessories. It just instantly lifts my mood! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Love, love, LOVE this dress on Catt Sadler!! I can't wait to copy it with a top and skirt. :o)

Spring Favorite #4: Strawberries
My favorite fruit always seems to taste better in warmer weather...maybe because they're in season?!? I always have them in my fridge and snack on them constantly. My absolute favorite treat is chocolate covered strawberries...yum!!!!

Spring Favorite #5: Tomato Mozzarella Salad
I die for this salad and practically live off it in spring and summer. I always get so excited when I start seeing it on restaurant menus!! It's little things like this in life that make me happy. :o)