Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm so special...

I have a reputation for leaving things at friend's houses. It's normal, right? You bring food, you may leave the dish you brought food in at the hostess' house on accident...or you know, leave a glass or something. Me? I leave anything and everything. One time, and I'm not kidding, I left an entire outfit at a friend's house. I should explain...we went out and to be safe, we cabbed it back to my friend's house since she lived closest to the bar we went to. Well I got up the next morning in my pjs, went home and left my outfit from the night before at her house. Shoes and all. Who does that?? She called me on my way home to tell me and I just said "oops! I'll get it later." Wouldn't a normal person turn around??
So my friend Tessa posted a comment on my facebook wall last week saying she would be returning my martini glasses to me shortly since she'd only had them for two years. I know, I know. You'd think I'd want them back, right? Well whenever someone calls to tell me I left something at their house (because they always do), I simply say, "as long as I know where it is, it's okay." It's when I can't find something that I get upset!
Anyway, Tessa came over to hang out for a bit on Sunday b/c I hadn't seen her in a while. She walks in with a canvas shopping bag. Like one of the ones you bring grocery shopping so the store doesn't charge you for the plastic ones they "give" out. This is what was in it:

I totally forgot what these looked like!! Aren't they pretty?? I'm so excited to get them back! I think I even told Tessa "oooohhh I remember those!!" So I now have two fully stocked martini sets. (I already had one before I got these back.) I need to have a martini party now. Who's in??


  1. I am! Although I have to say, I'm not a fan of the martini glass. It's a really dumb creation if you ask me. I mean, you obviously want to fill it up as high with alcohol as you can, but then you're glued to one spot because you can't move without it spilling. I'm more a fan of the large, red wine glass.

  2. Me me Mee meeee me meme me!!! me!!