Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just another day...

How was ya'lls weekend?? A bunch of my friends and I went out last night to celebrate our friend Tracy's birthday. We had dinner then found ourselves downtown at a bar I didn't even know existed!! Oh the things you learn on a Saturday night...
Anyway, at some point during the night, my friend Tessa and I found ourselves "holding down the fort" while everyone else went outside to smoke. (By this time, the group had dwindled down to about 5 of us so when I say everyone else went smoke I'm really just talking about 3 people.) Anyway, Tessa and I were sitting there, and two guys came over and introduced themselves to us. This was literally the conversation that followed, word for word.
Boys: "So what are ya'll up to tonight?"
Me: "Not much, we're celebrating a friend's birthday and hanging out. What about ya'll?"
Boy: "Oh well that's cool."
....And silence followed.
Now I know Tessa and I are special. Case in point...

(Tracy gave us all party favors at dinner...I'm sure she was regretting it after Tessa and I brought them to the bar, ha!)
But if you're a guy, and you walked up to two girls playing with children's party horns in the bar, wouldn't you have something to say?!?! I kept looking at them expecting them to say something and they just looked back at us like we were supposed to say something. Hello?!?! You walked up to us!! TALK!!
Why on earth would any group of guys walk up to some girls and then not have anything to say?! They seemed nice, they just didn't talk. And they didn't even answer my question!!!
Two minutes later they got up and left. Without saying a word. I didn't know whether to be amused or insulted.
Now guys listen: if you're gonna go up and talk to a girl, at least have something to say! We're not scary, I promise. (Unless you catch us on a bad night and then it's a whole different situation.) But don't sit there and say nothing!! If you just want to sit down for a minute, then just say "I saw your friends just leave, mind if we just sit here until they get back?" There's nothing wrong with that, especially in a crowded bar.
Tessa and I looked at each other after they left and said "the point of that was...????"
Sigh. I guess that's one way to separate the boys from the men.

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