Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Week, Family and NYC

This has been a fabulous week, minus a few traveling mishaps. A couple weeks ago, my friend Andrea invited me to go to Vegas for a spontaneous weekend adventure. Well since I don't have a job at the moment, I had to decline and was really disappointed. I mentioned the trip to my mom and told her that getting out of town for Valentine's Day weekend would have been amazing. So she called me the next morning and said "I can't rationalize Vegas for you, but what if we flew you to New York? We can get a great rate and since Dad and I are going to see your sisters anyway, we can have a mini- family does that sound?" Ummmmm OKAY!!!!
After a minor mishap at the airport which made me miss my flight, I finally landed at Laguardia. Thank goodness for flights every hour to New York! We have family that lives in Connecticut so we stayed there Saturday night and I think it was just what we all needed! Way too much yummy food, loud and adorable little cousins and the great kind of random sillyness where you laugh so hard that your abs hurt the next day. (I'll post pictures when I get them from my Dad.) This one picture is the car ride to the Mignano's house in Ct:

My little cousin/niece Gabby came with my sister and Dad to pick me up and took great pleasure in scaring the living daylights outta me in the car. Thank you Lord for letting me not yell any obsenities!!
Here are some other pics from Saturday night:

Lauren and Luke were playing on the floor and after I asked Gabby to jump on them, I decided I wanted in on the fun too! What can I say?? I take my role as the oldest cousin very seriously, ha! :o)

This is what we would call a Family Pile Up. Katie and Aidan couldn't help themselves! :o)

Testing the wine...someone had to make sure it was okay for everyone to drink, right??
After our fun filled family night on Saturday, Gabby-Girl was super sweet and left homemade Valentine's Day cards by our beds on Sunday morning. Lauren, Katie and I were all feeling very loved and flattered until we figured out she told each of us that we were her favorite cousin!! We're gonna have to work on that. :o)
Sunday afternoon we left Connecticut and planned to eat at an Italian restaurant in the city. Wellll...let's just say that didn't work out because it was $85 per person for the special Valentine's Day menu!!! In the words of my little cousin/nephew Luke, "I do not think so!" I am very happy to say this was hardly tragic b/c that lead us to CITY CRAB!!!!! This restaurant is amazing. Phenomenal. One of my absolute favorites and the type of place where I don't talk at dinner b/c I'm too busy getting every little morsel of crab meat out of my king crab legs that I can. Seriously.
Anyway, since this post is getting long, let me sum up the rest of my trip.

New York Fashion Week. I am sure my family thought I was kidding when I said I would camp out in front of Bryant Park the entire time I was in New York. (Don't worry...they didn't let me. They know me well enough to know I would stay outside those tents as long as possible!) I was very sad I didn't see anyone famous but just being there was almost enough for me. I plan to go back for the Spring Shows. :o)
I have to say (and don't get any ideas!!) but the more I go to New York, the more I like it. And the more I can see myself living there. At least, that's what I was thinking until we saw a huge rat walking around at the subway station like he owned the place...NIX that idea!!
Coming back on Wednesday was an adventure (can you tell that airports/planes and I didn't get along on this trip??) Our plane was diverted to Little Rock, Arkansas b/c of an engine problem. I'll have to fill ya'll in on that little mishap later. This post is long enough and there is just too much to tell about my flight home!

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