Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have shocking news ya'll...are you ready? It actually does snow in Texas!! We are in the midst of what I like to call a Texas Blizzard. I am warning you now, this will be a picture heavy post. I woke up this morning to a phone call canceling my resource room observation at an elementary school today. Not thinking much of it (Texans freak out about snow very easily) I went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later when my alarm went off to take Toby out. This is what I saw:

WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! You can't really tell but it was actually really snowing in these pictures. I have never been more awake at 8am as I was this morning. Unfortunately Bugaboo did not share my enthusiasm. This was his reaction to our little mini- blizzard:

Let's find a patch of grass not covered by snow and hide on it!! I definitely have a Texan dog on my hands, ha! I can't decide whether he didn't like the snow or was embarrassed by his jacket. I prefer to think he didn't like the snow but I have a feeling others will disagree. Anyway, I spent the rest of my morning being extremely productive:

My super sweet neighbors (who I had never met before) were outside working on this guy when I took Toby out. They asked me if I wanted to help so of course I said yes!!! I love our fabulous snow friend. Snow Dream #1 accomplished!!
I went to the gym after my morning adventure and it was empty. Found the solution to the "icky gym smell" problem, ha! Anyway, when I came home, this is what the outside looked like.

I think Bugaboo started to get used to it. We spent a lot of time outside today. Look at him prancing through the snow!!

And just because I really love having a Winter Wonderland outside and had to make sure it was still there, I took these about 5 minutes ago:

It's days like today I miss having roommates! Anyone up for a snowball fight tomorrow??

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