Monday, March 1, 2010

Team Tenley

I don't know how many of ya'll keep up with the Bachelor BUT...(if you do, and haven't seen the season finale yet, please don't read ahead. SPOILERS POSTED!!)
This show alone has given the women of the world A LOT to talk about...or at the very least, me a lot to think about! Jake chose the Vienna!! Why?????????? Ya'll should know, I'm not a Vienna fan, period. I'm just very wary of girls who can't get along with other girls. In my experience, that "type" of girl was always very insecure and very immature. And 7 times out of 10, I've been friends with those girls (the same ones!) later in my life.
Here is the point of my rambling...there are many girls who, at 23, are ready for marriage. Good for them. There is no "right" age to be ready for marriage as we all know. You just are when you are. But to me, it's a major warning sign that girls aren't ready when they can't get along with other girls. It sounds silly, I know!! But guys, take note. The girls who have trouble having girlfriends have a lot of growing up to do. And chances are, they wouldn't pick the same guy at 23 as they would at 28 anyway so really, I'm just saving ya'll a world of pain. You're welcome. :o)
I don't know Tenley personally but I was so proud of her when she told Jake she was happy not to be Vienna. (I really did clap and scream "yyyyeeeaaaahhhhh Tenley!!!" when she said that.) I mean seriously...who wants to be proposed to when your man is that conflicted between you and another girl???
I know a lot of people feel like Tenley harped on being cheated on and betrayed. To some extent, she did. But in my opinion, (because I know ya'll are just begging to hear it) until you've been though it, you can't judge it or the way someone feels about it or handles it, period.
I'm really just the "good girls" ever get a happy ending? Do the girls who got hurt, and have trouble opening up (for good reason) ever get their happy ending too?
The bad girl always seems to win...why doesn't the "good" girl?? What's the point of "being good" if we don't ever get our happy ending?

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