Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Favorites

Sigh...I love Spring. I really do love warm, patio weather. It's the it's-so-hot-I-can't-step-outside-without-breaking-into-a-sweat-weather that I really DO NOT care for. I picked the wrong place to live didn't I??
Anyway, to welcome the warmer tempatures, I've decided to list my favorite things about Spring!

Spring Favorite #1: The Romper
My new favorite piece of clothing. How much easier can looking cute get?? I'm on the hunt for a similar style to Nicole Richie's! And I just saw Catt Sadler on E!'s Daily 10 wearing a silk ruffled number and now I'm obsessed with that one too!! This is gonna be a problem, I can tell. :o)

Spring Favorite #2: Patios
I absolutely love sitting on a patio in beautiful weather. It's always so much fun! I don't care if I'm cooking out with friends, enjoying the social scene at a restaurant or just hanging out with Toby on my balcony. I take full advantage of pretty weather whenever I can!
This is Taco Diner in Uptown's West Village, popular for fabulous restuarants and amazing stores. A great patio and shopping all in one place?! Does it get any better??

Spring Favorite #3: Color!
I am loving everything in color lately! Needless to say, I still love my neutrals (black is considered a neutral in my world) but I can't wait to wear some color, whether it be in clothing or accessories. It just instantly lifts my mood! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Love, love, LOVE this dress on Catt Sadler!! I can't wait to copy it with a top and skirt. :o)

Spring Favorite #4: Strawberries
My favorite fruit always seems to taste better in warmer weather...maybe because they're in season?!? I always have them in my fridge and snack on them constantly. My absolute favorite treat is chocolate covered strawberries...yum!!!!

Spring Favorite #5: Tomato Mozzarella Salad
I die for this salad and practically live off it in spring and summer. I always get so excited when I start seeing it on restaurant menus!! It's little things like this in life that make me happy. :o)


  1. I LOVE the romper! I wonder if I can pull it off? Hmm...

  2. I do believe you are my soulmate