Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To market, to market

There is nothing like spending a rainy evening in bed, listening to the thunder and absolutely loving it. Is it weird that that makes me happy??
I should point out that I'm not usually in bed by 8:00...ever. But after a sleepless night last night and a very productive day with a bestie today, I've decided to crash early. The world can wait until tomorrow.
I spent the day at market playing assistant merchandiser to a very productive and fashionable bestie Jana. She and her bf, Scott, own a company called Gameday Cloth (ya'll should check it out...absolutely fabulous, upscale collegiate wear.) They asked me to help at an event tomorrow and since one must have a complete selection of merchandise, Jana and I spent a couple hours at market today to pick out the accessories.
I might have found two pieces for myself that of course, are absolutely fabulous...well at least I think so! But ya'll be the judge.

I am obsessed with statement necklaces...seriously! Definitely a habit worth mentioning and should there come a day I need to go to meetings for it, then so be it. :o) I've been wanting a bib style for a long time and I love silver. Done and done!!

I also love layering super simple necklaces. This one says "Dream." I think we all need to dream a little now and then, right? Defenitely more of an optimistic saying and perfect for the days when I'm...not. (Which lets face it, these days I should just wear it permanently.)
I heart shopping with Jana b/c she's so confident in her fashion choices. And while I might see something and think it's fabulous, I don't always have the confidence to pick it out...meanwhile, she's already planned an entire outfit around it, ha!
Anyway, after a quick lunch, an attempted creative trip to Michael's and the quickest trip to the mall ever, I found myself going to the AT&T store to fix my thankfully-still-under-warranty blackberry.
And now here I am...happily drugged up (legally, thankyouverymuch) and ready for bed...all before 9:00.
I hope ya'll have a fabulous night! I'm gonna go fall asleep to the thunder. :o)

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  1. I love BOTH of those! Can you get me one of those Dream necklaces???