Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why do they call them wisdom teeth??

This morning I took my friend Oliver to get his wisdom teeth out. The poor guy had to have 3 teeth removed and needless to say, was not looking forward to this procedure at all. :o(
2 hours, 3 written prescriptions in hand and a pamphlet of instructions later, the nurse helped him walk (stumble) out the door. Is it wrong if I wanted to ask the dentist for whatever was in the IV?? I'm kidding, of course...kinda. :o)
Ollie wasn't feeling much of anything when he was done so I drove him to Walgreens to get his prescriptions filled and this people, is where I almost lost him. That's right...I almost lost a 37 year old man who had an ice packed wrapped to his face. I literally went to get an ice pack for his freezer (clearly Ollie doesn't suffer from the same clumsiness I do and didn't have any ice packs on hand at his house...where as I have 4 in my freezer ready to go for whatever injury I may suffer from next.) Anyway, I was gone for 2 minutes...came back to the pharmacy area and he was gone. ????? Where on earth did a legally drugged, numb man wanna go?? Liquor aisle...not there. Medicine aisle...not there. Magazine aisle??? Maybe??? Not there.
I found him in the food isle. This is why men and women are from different planets. A woman wouldn't dream of food after getting her wisdom teeth out. Ha, in my eyes this is the best diet on the planet!! But a man? Nope...he wants food. Doesn't matter that he has a mouth so full of cotton that he can't even speak English. He still wants food!!! The doctor said only cold foods today so I promised Ollie a milkshake at McDonalds and his eyes lit up like a 5 year old child who just discovered a new favorite toy. HILARIOUS!!
Anyway, by the time I pulled up to his place, he was much more coherent so I gave him strict instructions to sleep, take his medication as directed and only eat cold foods. Hopefully he listened to me at least once! Anyway, in honor of my morning, I wanted to post this YouTube video I saw on Ellen. Downright hilarious. ENJOY!!

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  1. 1) Who the hell is "Ollie??" (pardon my french)

    2) Um, I don't think it's a "girl" thing to not crave food after getting your wisdom teeth out. I believe I was quite famished after mine were removed. Although Sonic slushies and mac-and-cheese all day for 4 days straight ain't so bad....