Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Whitey Nelson!!!

Lesli and Whitey are married! YEAH!!!! (This will be a picture heavy post, just fyi...)
I call Lesli my soulmate friend. She and I were born in the same hospital many years ago but met in '04 when we both interned at Nordstrom. I joke that we were destined to be friends since we were both born at Oshner and I'd never known anyone from the New Orleans area, let alone anyone born in the same vicinity! Les and I are two peas in a pod and we take great pride in the fact that people always ask us if we're sisters. :o)
Whitey is the brother I never had. He has always treated me like a friend, instead of his girlfriend's (now wife's) friend and that always meant a lot to me. He treats Les like a queen and has definitely set the bar high as to what I should look for in a relationship and how I should be treated. He's an absolutely amazing person and he and Les are perfect for each other!
Wedding weekend was absolutely perfect, despite the rain that thankfully started after the ceremony did. But rain is good luck on your wedding day and we were inside so all was good in wedding world. :o)
We had an unexpected party on Friday after the rehearsal dinner at the Westin Bar where a "couple of drinks" turned into the bride pouring shots, taking shots and well...ending the night on the elevator floor where she threw olives at people...thankfully people she knew, ha! It's always the unexpected parties that are the best ones, right??

Kristi and I at the rehearsal. Kristi is Les' sister and I swear she and I are the same person in different bodies.

The 6 pack are best friends from high school. How gorgeous are they??

Kristi and I giving our roasts, er, toasts. :o)

This is where the trouble began, ha!

It's only true love if you take shots together. :o)

We got Momma Istre behind the bar!

Nordy Intern Crew (minus Miller.)

Gorgeous Bride in the Church's Bridal Room

My sisters came in for the Wedding :o)

Our Crew :o)

More of the Crew!

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