Thursday, February 9, 2012


Since this week has been a bit slow, I decided to combine a bunch of nothingness into one post and spare ya'll the boringness.
1) I have a new obsession. It's called Pure Barre and it's a Pilates/Yoga/Dance inspired workout. I went to my first class Monday night and I'm STILL sore. I'm either really out of shape or the class was just that good. (I'm gonna go with the class was just that good.) This new obsession may very well cost me an arm and a leg but at least it'll be a fit and fab arm and leg. :o)
2) I've had breakfast for dinner 2 nights this week. Did ya'll know Bisquick can go bad?? I didn't and thankfully just ate a bite of pancake last night before I realized they were just not good. Yuck.
3) This week has been about work and finding another foster dog. I was at the mall on Saturday, just minding my own business, only to walk by Saks 5th Avenue and a few of the cutest dogs wearing "Adopt Me!" vests. Really?? If that isn't a sign then I don't know what is. I didn't walk away with a dog BUT I did walk away with a volunteer opportunity and a new rescue group to foster with, yay! Win-win.
4) Just like clockwork, every day this week at 3:00, my head and throat start to hurt. Weird? I think so. I'm waiting for it to turn into something but so far no go. Stupid throat and head.
5)I think Toby is having nightmares. The past 3 nights, he's woken up around 2:00 and started walking in circles on my bed. And I only know this because he's stepped on my head every time. Only me.
6) I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday and realized (after I put on my Friday jeans outfit) that it was, in fact, Thursday. The bad news? Duh, it's Thursday. The good news? TOMORROW is Friday!!

WOO-HOO! (How's that for looking at the glass half full??)

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  1. I hope your dog stops having nightmares soon! At least for the sake of your head!