Tuesday, February 21, 2012


**DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be offensive. It's simply a more humorous take on the commitment of Lent. If you take religion seriously, do not read!!**
Do ya’ll practice Lent? When I was growing up, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday were just about the most traumatic days ever.
I vaguely remember stomping out of the house at 15 years old yelling “I am NOT Jesus! Why do I have to give something up?!” when my mom told me I couldn't have a Diet Coke after school. Uhmm..yeah. I’m pretty sure my seat in hell is still reserved after THAT comment.
I have noticed in the past 10 years or so, Lent has become much more about adding goodness to life rather than taking something away. The past 2 years, I’ve gone to church every Sunday during Lent. I’m not an avid church goer like I should be and really hoped that getting into a routine would make it easier to go the rest of the year…you get 2 guesses as to how that worked out.
I don’t really see the point in attempting it again this year since I’ve failed twice already...and I think technically you’re supposed to do something new every year anyway. (That doesn’t mean I won’t go…I just won’t count it as my Lenten commitment.) I woke up today thinking of a few things I could give up…Diet Coke? I would be grumpy for 40 days and 40 nights. Wine? (My logic is Jesus drank wine so he clearly would not approve.) I even thought about giving up shopping. It's just not realistic.
I think there can be a danger in Lent…you give something up and then it’s like a free-for-all on Easter Sunday. The repercussions of no diet coke, wine and shopping are just too great to even consider those seriously.
So here I am back at square 1. I really like the idea of adding something to life. Something I don’t do on a normal basis. Even if it’s something little like paying for the person's meal behind me at the drive-through. Or walking my neighbor’s dog because I know she’s busy with work. Or sending goods to the local animal shelter who need supplies.
I am not rich, so I’ll have to watch it with the spending. But I really like that idea rather than giving up Diet Coke, which really only affects me and does nothing to strengthen my bond with God.
What are ya’ll doing to celebrate Lent?

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  1. You could poll your friends favorite charities and donate time for a different one each week.