Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Busy Weekend

It has been QUITE the weekend around here!
Saturday I got my foster puppies.:o) They are so cute and entertaining and literally, puppies. As in 7 weeks old. We don't adopt out until they're 12 weeks (and fixed) so if you or anyone you know wants to add a four legged furball to their family, please tell them to contact me and I can give them all the details.
I got to name these cuties and I took this job very seriously. Googled "best puppy names" and everything. :o) The one in back is a boy now named Billy. The one in front is a girl I named Brinkley. (We're working on name recognition.) This pic was after their bath which is why their fur looks a bit weird.
Hungry furbabies

Me and my (less than thrilled to be in another picture) foster babes.

These two got attached to me quick, which I love. There is nothing more heartbreaking to me than a scared dog! My friend Lesli was very sweet and let me bring them to the gender reveal party she and her hubby were hosting. The furbabies did great with everyone, which is important when trying to adopt them out.

"Hey humans, who is this beast? Ya'll gonna do anything about this?"

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