Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, Wednesday

I learned something about myself today...I have a new pet peeve.
My longstanding #1 pet peeve has always been cockiness. I cannot stand anyone who thinks more of themselves than they should. The guy who thinks he's cool wearing sunglasses when it's dark outside? I want to kick him. The girl who's loud and obnoxious because she thinks everyone wants to hear her conversation? Well, she's loud and obnoxious and I want to spill my drink on her. The person who always compliments themselves? Can I look through your rose colored glasses to see what you see??
Anyway, you get the point. My new #1 pet peeve? (Actually, this ties with cockiness. So now I have two #1 pet peeves and this is really not the direction I was hoping to go in with my life.)
My new #1 pet peeve is people who take things that aren't theirs to take. Long story short, I've been dealing with the bank because of fraudulent activity on my account. I've always joked that if someone got my debit card, I'd feel bad for them because they won't get far. Haha, joke's on them!
I never thought about how angry I'd get at someone for trying to take something I work for. This is my hard earned money, not yours. Who the hell are you to try and take it???
I have also been dealing with my cable people who never fail to get my blood boiling. I love how I'm told what my monthly bill will be and 3 months later, I have yet to pay that amount. It's been roughly double that since I moved. Don't you love when that happens??
I realize this is everyday, normal life stuff that won't end the world. I just blog about it because if it's happened to me, chances are it's happened to someone else who got just as angry and frustrated and probably cried in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot like I did earlier. Thank you Lord for my Mother who can calm me down, large Chick-Fil-A Diet Cokes, 3 loving pups at home and the promise of wine after work. :o)


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