Sunday, March 14, 2010

There's a reason...

Why St. Patty's Day is only once a year! I don't know about other parts of the country, but in Dallas, there's a block party that pretty much everyone ventures out for. And for those who don't favor the block party, there's at least 100 house parties to go to. Since the block party has pretty much become our tradition, my girls (and some guys) and I woke up bright and early, made pina coladas at 10am (because at what better time is there to have a pina colada??) and mosied our way down to the block party around 11:30ish or so.
Now granted, all year long this seems like a good idea. It's only after the block party that we're filled with thoughts of "what were we thinking??" and "we're sooo not doing this next year!!"
But truth be told, it's a great time and I love it. A crowded street filled with friends on what is hopefully a bright, sunny day...I mean, what could be better??
On the other hand, there is a very good reason why this type of party only happens once a year. I won't mention the overconsumption of beer we all drank or the annoying girl who spilled her drink on my friend.
However, I will happily mention the man we saw with a green mohawk, the leprechaun who served us beer, and the extremely hilarious act of a friend (who will remain nameless) taking a beer out of a drunk man's cargo pocket without him knowing...I know it sounds mean but it was actually a complete act of chivalry!! The man should've been cut off hours before we ever got to him so really, she just did him a favor. :o)
Anyway, here are some pictures from the day...enjoy!!

Before the debauchary :o)

Tess and I in our matching shirts

Les and I stopped dancing long enough to take a pic! Dancing makes us happy :o)

Super excited we found more friends!!

Awww...these pics make me wanna do it all over again! I can't wait till next year. :o)

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