Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here I am!!

I've obviously been MIA this week, I'm sorry! I've been struggling with the no job thing a lot so I decided to spare ya'll from my "woe is me" attitude and wallow in my self pity're welcome. :o) Unfortunately, my family hasn't been so lucky. (And for that I owe them many, many thanks.)
I got an e-mail from my friend Ashley today wanting to know if I was still alive or if broken a bone tripping over Toby and couldn't get to my phone (which I have to say, would just be tragic.) It's obviously time to come out of hiding when you get an e-mail like that so this is my official announcement that I'm here and alive, yay!
On Tuesday I decided I needed to get out of this funk for my sanity, as well as the sanity of my loved ones, so I accepted an invitation to go to dinner with Jana on Wednesday. Half price dinner, who can turn that down?!?! Well dinner is only as cheap as the wine you drink and after 4 glasses of wine each, dinner was not cheap for me or Jana anymore...oops. But it was fun!!!! :o) And thankfully just what I needed. Our night ended with Rockband in Jana and Scott's living room and it's better for everyone if we don't relive that. I'm a WII girl, plain and simple.
To continue the "woe is me is not cute" movement, Ashley and I went out for margaritas tonight. Have I ever mentioned how much I love margaritas?? YUUUMMMM!!!
I've been debating whether or not to write about this (because at this point it's pointless) but I met a cute guy on Saturday. Like butterflies in tummy cute. And yes, I realize I'm putting this in writing for all the world to see...but ya'll, I don't even remember the last time I had butterflies. It has been a long, long time. Granted, I only talked to the guy for a minute but OMG. My friend Chase introduced us (and tried to convince me he was a Mavs player. I told Chase if there was a guy who looked like that on the Mavs, I would know!!)
Anyway, I was upset I didn't get to talk to him more. It's my own fault but I'm shy and I figure if a guy wants to talk to me, then he will! (Don't worry, I know I have to get out of that mindset....I've been told.) Ashley knew I liked this guy so she called Chase tonight to get the info on this guy...and yes, I realize it is totally junior high of me to ask my friend to call her friend to ask about the guy I got butterflies about. (Did you catch that??) But I rarely ever feel like this so I figured, why not?? You only live once, right?
We'll see what (if anything) happens!