Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This Week

Not much new to report.  I'm not really sleeping and yes, I'm STILL miserable so I'll keep this short and sweet.  THAT'S how much I love ya'll. (A selfish blogger would try to make ya'll miserable too.  Just sayin'...)
*I'm 85% sure I won't be going to my "sister's" wedding this weekend and I'm devastated.  Abby is my best friend's youngest sister whom I've know since I was 13.  She sent me the sweetest text last night and of course, I cried when I read it.  I would do anything to watch her walk down the aisle but back pain and travel don't exactly go hand in hand.  I'm terrified if I get on that plane, I'd be nothing short of miserable all weekend and I believe a bride's day is a bride's day.  I don't want her (or anyone else) to worry about me and how I'm feeling. 
*I think I barely spoke 2 words today.  I didn't fall asleep until 2 am last night and at 12:30 I started bartering with God.  I think I may owe him my first husband, my firstborn and quite possibly my second born too....I kinda forget what the stipulations were though.  I think I was trying for at least 3 hours of sleep and a resolution to this ridiculousness within the next week.  When my alarm went off at 6, I seriously contemplated calling in sick so I could sleep.  But considering that's what I do on weekends these days, I decided to be "normal" and drag my booty to work.  Please don't ask me why I was at Target after work.  I really couldn't remember why I went in the first place.  I left with self tanner and wine.  Win-win.
*Toby escaped when I came home today.  Again.  I can't chase after him and OF COURSE he doesn't come when I use my stern voice (not that I blame him, I wouldn't either) but I was so tired and in so much pain I burst into tears and smacked his butt right there on the street for all the neighbors to see when I finally reached him.  I'm waiting for animal control to come knocking on my door.  And if they don't, I have a shock collar on order.  (Yes, really.)
*I think I just have to accept the fact I have bad ridiculously terrible luck lately.  First, the obvious (I won't say it.)  Second, no wedding.  Third, I walked out to my car today to find a flat tire and the service engine light on.  Fourth, a colleague at work swung her arms during one of her stories and hit me square in the jaw.  I should've gone home.  But I didn't.  And now I have self tanner and wine and I'm going to bed.
So far, not a fan of 31. 

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  1. LOL, who smacked you in the face?! I know it's not funny, but I would have smacked them back.