Friday, September 7, 2012

Well, crap.

There are two sides to every story right?  On the bright side, I got a diagnosis last night as well as a projected treatment plan all of which are hopefully starting next week.  YAY!!! 
On the not so bright side,  I now owe God my first husband, my first born AND my second born.  (See my last post in case you're confused.)  Do we think  God would settle for a puppy?  Or possibly a Nissan Maxima?  I'm willing to work with him.  Just putting it out there...
Just to gently recap the week...on Tuesday I got a call from a doctor's assistant I never met who told me a doctor I never met reviewed my scan and saw nothing wrong with my back.  To put it mildly, I was not happy.  My doctor was on vacation until Thursday (also not happy to wait that long when I was told I'd know Tuesday) but I called her voicemail on Wednesday anyway and begged her to review the scan herself because I was/am still miserable and if nothing is truly wrong then I need a specialist b/c something isn't right and blah blah blah.
A different assistant called me last night, first to apologize for my mis-diagnosis then to confirm that something was actually seen on my MRI.  Uhm, hello? You had me at mis-diagnosis.  MY doctor diagnosed me with trauma lumbar spondylosis.  Here's a link if you want to read more about it!  Basically, my fall accelerated something I probably already had.  Given my history of back pain, I'm willing to bet that's accurate.  The doctor prescribed hydrocodone (SUPER happy about that!) and physical therapy to start with.  I'll try that for 2-3 weeks and if I'm still in pain, we'll go for the cortisone injections.
I'll be honest, I've had the injections before and I plan to convince my physical therapist to let me go ahead and get them.  I'm miserable, I've been down this road before and I'd much rather just get the shots and start on the road to recovery than prolong the experience.  They're not fun (patients are put under and I, personally, am usually out of commission for 1-2 days) but the relief is almost immediate.  And at this point, I would've done them today if I would've been allowed.
So we'll see.  Physically, I'm still a mess and in a lot of pain. I'm supposed to be in Colorado and I'm not and I'm still really upset about that.  But I know it was the best thing for everyone. 
Mentally and emotionally, I'm back to myself.  I'm beyond relieved there's a diagnosis and a treatment plan and while the interim still sucks, I can deal. 
I realize if you don't suffer from back pain then I probably sound like a whiney, wimpy brat who is just looking for sympathy.  I'll tell you the same thing I tell myself when I see those questionable people we get e-mails about at Walmart.  Don't judge.  You don't know what they've been through.  (Although, I stand by my right to say sparkly leggings on someone over 250 pounds is NOT okay.  End of story.)
I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend.  We Texans are getting a cold front with a high of 88 degrees tomorrow.  (Yes, I'm serious.)  I think after I take my car BACK to the shop tomorrow (don't ask) I may cook some white chicken chili in the crockpot, turn the ac on low and cuddle up with a few ice packs and blankets for a wedding movie marathon. 
Be jealous ya'll.  Be jealous.
Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm ok with you giving up your husband and first born but do you know how awesome second borns tend to be? You might want to try to renege on that b/c I think you'd really regret sacrificing the awesomeness of your second child...

  2. Alright, I'll give God 2 puppeies. That should do it.

  3. i think you're doing the right thing. you won't regret it.