Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, Fun---, Well...Monday

How was ya'lls weekend?
I'm thinking of switching around my couches because I'm pretty sure one of them has a permanent butt indentation on it.  But the thought of moving furniture is about as likely as a snowstorm in Dallas tomorrow so I'll settle for just flipping the cushions.  Yay for easy fixes!
First and (most importantly to me) I have the best doctor in the world.  Not only did the rehab facility call to schedule my assessment when my doctor said they would but her assistant PICKED UP THE PHONE today when I called because she recognized my number and was concerned.  Uhmm... I LOVE THESE TWO.  They also called me back later with a referral to an orthepedic surgeon.  My appointment is Thursday at 8:30.  If these two brought me wine and well, just wine, I'd call them my new best friends.
Saturday night I was beyond tired of hurting, so I took hydrocodone and was fast asleep by 8 PM.  Livin' the life here, people.  I woke up for good at 5:30 Sunday morning and happily watched Saved By The Bell with Toby until my doorbell rang at 7:30.  Twice.
In a normal circumstance, it's a neighbor or friend who needs something.  In my case, it's a man in a suit.  WITH A BIBLE.  How do you yell at a man carrying a bible about ringing your doorbell at an UNGODLY hour on a very GODLY day???  Simple.  I turned the lock, opened the door, looked at him for 2 seconds, said "no thank you, peace be with you" and went back to bed.  Amateurs.
I started my day shortly after that and stumbled across my new favorite page on facebook.  If you know me, you know I love dogs.  All of them.  This specific rescue page hosts "tips of the day" with two of the most well behaved dogs EVER (name 2 dogs you know personally who would pose with props and whiteboards around their necks.)  HILARIOUS. Among my personal favorites....

On the left is every foster I've ever had and on the right is Toby...

Twinkle had a sweet proposal...below is her response :o)

Laters Baby???  Greatest line ever...FROM A DOG!

My most favorite ever.  Black dog ninja...hahahaha

If you want to join this amazing facebook page, here's the link: Peace and Paws Dog Rescue

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