Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back Update

I know, I know.  You're sick and tired of hearing about my most recent physical mishap.  Guess what.  I feel your pain.  Literally.
I went to the chiropractor on Monday.  Of course, I was all sorts of misaligned (duh.)  Well, I started to feel worse shortly after my visit.  On Tuesday, I was in tears and in my back brace all day.  I scheduled a doctor appointment for Wednesday morning where I got X-rays and my own personal pharmacy. Whether or not I take everything, we'll see.  Ya'll know I prefer wine over drugs.
ANYWAY, I took the X-rays right after my appointment and I'm seriously wondering...when did taking an X-ray become comparable to posing for an Olan Mills portrait?!?  The tech was telling me all sorts of stuff.   "A little to the right, now turn your shoulders to the left a bit, head up...hold your breath."  HUH?  I almost smiled a couple times and I KNOW I fixed my hair once or twice.  A girl has to look good, right?   Nevermind the fact that the picture is OF MY SPINE.  Details, people.
Well, the good news...there's no fracture.  The bad one was expecting much from the X-ray anyway.  So now I need an MRI.  At least according to my Mom and my doctor.  I actually just sent an e-mail to my doctor requesting one.  Gotta love technology.
I got to work around 10:30 after my appointment and even after a pain injection, I STILL only lasted till 1:30.  My boss and co-workers kicked me out.  I don't blame them.  But I'm not going to lie, I'm worried.  The pain injection didn't touch me.  And of course, just because I have the BEST timing EVER,  I was sitting in my boss's office yesterday afternoon when I burst into tears.  She wasn't yelling at me and she wasn't being mean.  I'm just overwhelmed at work and adding this situation on top of everything else is just a bit much. 
I like to think I have a higher tolerance than most for back pain but maybe I'm just kidding myself.  I still can't go up and down stairs that well and I cried when the pharmacy texted to tell me my prescriptions were ready only to get there and find out only ONE was ready.  I know they felt bad because they gave me a $15 gift card and free bottle of wine.
I hope ya'll are having a much better week than I am.  This was not how I planned to close out my 30th year of life but what can ya do?  In case I don't get on here beforehand, I hope ya'll have a fabulous holiday weekend!  I'm SO ready for fall!!!

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