Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I realize a lot of you read my blog without really knowing "me."  I'm very lucky to call most of you family or friends but just in case you stopped here on a whim (or by accident!) here are a few facts about me...some funny, some serious, all very real.  Enjoy!
*At 30 years old, I still think I'm adopted.  Since my parents deny this, I think I was switched at birth. I'm waiting for Lifetime to call.
*I'm actually very shy.
*I love to make people laugh.  I'm more than willing to make fun of myself to do so.
*I have a soft spot for kids and dogs and I think it scares people sometimes.  (Especially in public when I just want to sit and play and whoever was talking to me has to stop because I'm no longer paying attention.)
*I hate texting/calling guys.  I grew up not allowed to, and I still get nervous doing so to this day.
*My awkward stage lasted about 16 years...from 7 years old to 23.  It gave me character, but self esteem?  Not so much.
*My biggest fear in life is being replaced...and snakes.  I can't stand snakes.
*The worst thing anyone can ever say to me is "get over it."  Doesn't matter what the situation is, it makes me angry every single time.
*I really wish I kept up with dancing after high school.  I miss it and am terrified to start again because I think I'll be put in the little kid class.
*I don't believe in fate, but I believe in having faith.
*I love to cook.  It's a stress reliever (have you ever chopped a garlic clove after a long day?)  But I'm terrified to cook for other people.
*I have a bad back and there's no good reason why.  I danced in high school and fell a couple times but as far as an accident or incident, there isn't one.  I've been through every type of care...physical therapy, cortisone injections, chiropractor, wearing a back brace, etc.  I almost think I'd feel better if there was an incident.  But I'm grateful there wasn't.
*I'm maternal.  If someone is sick, sad or mad, I have to fight the urge to get involved.
*I believe in karma.
*I wish I kept in better touch with my college friends.  It makes me sad I'm not as close to them as I used to be.
*I can't stand cockiness or ignorance.  If ever come across it, half of me wants to get all Madea on those idiots and slap up 'em upside the head.  Note to self: if you are ever your own biggest fan, there's a problem.
I hope ya'll have enjoyed getting to know me.  If there's anything else you'd like to know, send me an e-mail at
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I have the same love for cooking, but fear of cooking for others! I thought I was alone... I am fine when it's for my husband, parents, and sister, but most people outside of that make me very, very nervous!