Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fostering Questions

You've mentioned rescues before.  What exactly is a rescue?
*A rescue is state recognized organization who is responsible for the dog.  They provide finances for medical expenses, give fosters necessary supplies (like crates and blankets), approve the adoption and essentially, network the animal. 
What's the difference between working with an in-state and out of state rescue?
*Rescues are amazing organizations.  And most of them (if not all) are non-profit.  The main difference (in my experience) was the support.  With the local organization, there are adoption events, social activities, volunteer opportunities, etc.  I had to network the 2 pups with the out of state rescue on my own.  They were both listed on PetFinder, but as far as adoption events and such, there weren't any.   
I see dogs in shelters all the time.  How do I help them?
*The great part of rescuing an animal is there are different things you can do.  Donate goods.  Volunteer.  Offer Transportation.  Short term foster (this is needed if transportation is being arranged and it'll take a few days or weeks to get the animals to their destination.)  Offer to take pictures and network. 
Contact the administrators at the shelter and they can let you know what they need and how you can help.
What goods to shelters and rescues need?
*In one word, EVERYTHING.  Toys, food, treats, supplies like bowls, puppy pads, blankets.  If there is one rescue that has particularly touched your heart, contact them.
I'm interesting in adopting.  Who do I contact?
*Check your local shelters.  Go on Petfinder.  (Petfinder lists the organization the animal is with.  Chances are, they're a local rescue, especially if you type in your zip code when searching.)  There are many different places to adopt an animal.  Most rescue groups have events on the weekends with their adoptable animals.  If you're having trouble finding events in your area, contact your local shelter.  They should have information on local rescues.  
Do you keep in touch with your fosters?
*Absolutely.  I let every potential adopter know we're kind of a package deal. :o)  It can be comforting to them too, knowing they won't be alone.  But I work hard not to step on any toes.  I check in once a week at the beginning then once every couple weeks after that.  For me, it's a selfish thing.  I like to know how the pups are doing!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Thank you for reading!  I hope ya'll have a fabulous week :o)

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