Friday, August 10, 2012

Confessional Friday...

Let's get confessin'...

*Tuesday night I decided I wanted to redo my shelves in my house.  I was just bored with them.  (It's all about visual stimulation people.)  Well, apparently I'm either bad at it or just incredibly indesicive and every single thing I took off my shelves is still sitting on my living room floor.  #designfail

*Wednesday night I had to get a new IPhone because of a device glitch and found it incredibly humorous/annoying that I ended up waiting over 30 minutes because the store's system also had a glitch and canceled my appointment.  Ironic?

*I've been great about working out this week which makes me happy.  What makes me NOT happy is what I've been eating.  Who gets on a treadmill and dreams about Chinese food????  Or goes to Pure Barre and convinces herself she needs Pinkberry (which is conveniently located next door.)  Seriously?!?

*I'm so ready for fall and football season it's not even funny.  Can we please get this going??  I need some Mountaineer football in my life STAT and I'm seriously starting to have dreams about my Uggs.

*Last night I slept with an ice pack on my face because my sinuses were killing me and medication wasn't touching it.  I woke up at 2:30 to find Toby cuddling with the ice pack.  I'm guessing he was either hot and needed something cold or he wanted a pillow..#weirddog

*My coworker just sent me this and I laughed out loud. 
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Happy Weekend Friends!!

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  1. I think the barre studio being next to Pinkberry is not acceptable. There should be some zoning law against that. Oh, and I'm seriously counting down the days until college football! Come on, September! :)

    Visiting from Friday Confessional.