Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 6 reasons I love my job...

6. We have this sign on our designated food table.

5. I can whisper/quietly yell obsenities at my computer and no one thinks anything of it.
4. 2 co-workers (who will remain nameless) bet each other they were a better typer than the other and are now competing in a typing contest.  They're both determined to win.  I think they're idiots for competing in a contest with no prize. (Sorry, the title of best typer does NOT count in my opinion.)
3. We play trivia. (I only play if it's fun trivia.)
2. After I got back from running errands at lunch yesterday, the girls informed me we were going to start a zoo.  I'm in charge of getting funds.  (I realize this is a little out there but it entertained all of us for the rest of the afternoon so we'll just go with it.)
1. People ask me questions.  And every time I have an answer, I do a little victory dance in my head and mentally say "SUCKER" to the manager who called me a disappointment.

Funny, none of these things have to do with the actual work, obviously, except for #1.  I guess that's the perk of having an un-glamorous job...we work just as hard at entertaining ourselves as we do allocating merchandise. :o)  


  1. I miss working in an office. I work alone up to 10 hrs a day ... But I'm the boss so yea?

  2. Jana, talk to me on a bad day. You'll be thrilled you don't have to deal with corporate life!