Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, what a night...

**Let me preface this post with, I'm okay.  There was actually no intruder.  But that does not take away the fact that at 4am today, I thought there was.  Holy early morning panic attack...

So last night, I'm just minding my own business, sleeping the night away, and I opened my eyes at 12, then at 2...and at 3:30...all to fall right back asleep.  (To be fair, it's normal for me to open my eyes at least once an hour because I have a permanent fear of sleeping through my alarm clock.) 
I opened my eyes again at 4 am and froze.  Literally stopped breathing and felt my heart beating through my chest.  The first second I thought, "good job Jen.  This moron is going to hear your heart beating."  My second thought was "I have nothing..." no pepper spray, no bat, no knife, nothing.
I quickly crawled onto the other side of my bed where I have a flashlight and tried to make it look like I was having a nightmare.  I'm sure it was somewhat entertaining.  What did I think I was gonna do?  Shine the guy to death???   Nonetheless, I did it and ya'll, I swear it was like a movie because I was ready to whack this guy with all I had in me with a metal flashlight.  Thank you Lord for letting it be a shadow...yes, really.  It probably doesn't help that I'm blind as a bat without my contacts or glasses...
It was probably about 30 seconds after I turned on my bedroom light that I realized I have 2 dogs.  One who sleeps right by the front door.  Did I really think anyone would get all the way to my room without one of them barking?  Not to mention, Toby still barks at the fan in my room because it has a blue light and he doesn't like it when it moves.  Seriously.
All that being said, I was still freaked out.  4am and I was wide awake.  So what did I do?  I spent my morning hours watching Friends, duh.  What else is one supposed to do??  Oh, and I kept both of the dogs right by me.
In fact, I opened Maya's crate right after this "incident" and she definitely gave me the "Mom, it's dark outside.  What do you want?" look.  But she growled and got up to sit by me when I made her.
So this makes me ya'll have something you keep with you for protection?  I imagine my thoughts were probably brought on by some recent robberies on a trail near my house and thankfully, all the robbers been caught.  But I, sadly enough, do think I should have something near me for protection, God forbid anything happen.
Do ya'll have anything?  And if so, what?  Unfortunately, I don't think a Yorkie's barks are gonna scare anyone...although, that is definitely debatable!  

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  1. I have a stun gun and we also have a handgun and shotgun under the bed.

    Just make sure you are well trained on how to use them, I have a fear that I will be overpowered and my own weapon will be used against me. So I also have a backup escape plan.