Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Maya...

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. It's not like I'm really fashionable or extremely knowledgable on one particular topic. Except Hollywood...I'm full of useless information when it comes to celebrities.
ANYWAY, this morning, I realized why I blog. It's to share pictures like this...
This would be my foster pup.  With a feather boa.  That she must've pulled out of my closet because it definitely wasn't anywhere in the room when I sat down to do my makeup this morning. 
Fancy lil thing, isn't she??  (By the way, this is her "I don't know how this thing got here Mom.  It found me.  Am I in trouble??" look.)   
Fostering is something I get a lot out of and you better believe pure entertainment is one of the perks. :o). Happy Thursday!!

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