Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Post

I haven't really kept my word about looking on the bright side of things in memory of those we've lost too soon.  I'm not going to lie, the last few weeks have been a bit dim.  Nothing to complain about in the grand scheme of things but nothing to write about either.  So in hopes of turning my luck around, I'm going to try really hard to focus on the positive. 
Here we go...
**I am beyond impressed with my sisters' and mother's attitude during the Hurricane Sandy debacle.  They didn't have power for DAYS (Mom happened to be visiting family during this storm so yes, we need to talk about her travel timing) but every time I was able to talk to them, they never complained.  I'm not saying they're dirty, but if I go for more than 24 hours without a shower, you might as well just lock me in a closet and let me throw my tantrum.  I'm in serious awe of how everyone pulled together and made the best of a bad situation.
**After my eye exam at the mall this morning (isn't that convienent?!), I stopped at H&M.  I didn't know I was walking into a war zone!  A mother/daughter duo was having quite the disagreement on a sweater/dress and after one pair of opaque tights and a properly fitted skirt I was called a "hero."  (I should probably mention I have the same sweater/dress in my closet...)
**The main thing I love about Texas is the people.  My allergies were killing me the other day and I was at Target. A lady with 2 kids in her cart heard me sniffling and clearing my throat.  She took the Claritin she hadn't paid for yet, ripped open the box and gave me one.  She said if didn't work to let her know because she just came from a doctor's appointment who recommended it.  I laughed and said I'd be happy to be her guinea pig.  Strange, yes, but if the situation were reversed, I'd do the same thing.
**Due to some injections I got this week (that I will never EVER EVER get again) I've been extremely grateful for leggings, stretchy pants and very loose fitting tops.  This injury has made me humble.  I will never judge anyone who has a scooter.  I'm not gonna lie, this morning, I was actually a little bit jealous of those scooter riding mall goers.
**It's quite obvious to me that soon after someone attempts to date me, they meet the person they're actually supposed to be with.  Some would see this as depressing, I (sometimes) see this as putting in my time.  I have high hopes that one day when Cam Gigandet realizes I'm alive, he'll  knock on my door...

with child and all!  Don't you worry, all ya'll will all be invited to the wedding. 
**Clearly I'm kidding :o)  I wouldn't ever let this man near my beautiful family and friends!! 

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend!! 


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  1. Hahaha yay for Cam Giganet. I hope you feel better soon!