Friday, October 5, 2012

Confessional Friday

(Cue the Usher theme song) It's that time peeps so let's get this party going!  I know I'm a bit late but every girl is entitled to a fashionable entrance, right?

**I'm going to state the obvious...this back injury sucks.  Note to others: if you don't have back pain, you don't have the right to judge.  End of story.  And yes, I will  be a bitch about it.  I wouldn't wish these past 6 weeks on anyone and I think it's amazing what a bit sympathy and kindness can do for a person in pain.  I'm blessed with an amazing family and some great friends, but this whole debacle has really highlighted who I can and can't count on.  

**I have a 4 legged weekend guest and while I'm excited, this one is different than the others.  She's been at the vet getting treated for heartworms and her permanent foster is moving this weekend so couldn't take her.  This girl breaks my heart because I know she's scared.  Her favorite place in the house is the corner of my kitchen.  I did get a tail wag earlier so I'm hopeful but it breaks my heart that she shakes every time I pet her.  Sometimes all it takes is a scared individual to put aside your own drama and focus on something more meaningful. 

**I microwaved a Market Pantry Chicken Lasagna for dinner tonight and threw it away because it tasted like chemicals.  I hate to waste food!  But I did what any other 31 year old woman would do...I made an English muffin with cream cheese and baked Doritos, my favorite childhood snack.  YUM!
**I'm beyond bored with my life.  I go to work, I go to physical therapy and I go home.  I'm starting to get out a bit but I miss having something to look forward to.  This girl needs a party to plan, a man to crush on or something else exciting because I can only buy so many shoes online or dresses at Target to help fulfill the happiness gene.  (Granted I love all my purchases and I can't wait to wear them but my closet can only hold so much and I'd really rather have something to wear them FOR!)

**The weatherman said it's going to be 55 degrees here tomorrow and I dusted off my Uggs the second I heard "cold front" 3 days ago.  I CAN. NOT. WAIT.  I have 3 outfit options.   

**The WVU vs Texas game is tomorrow and I feel like a loser for not having plans.  (Everything these days is on a whim due to the aforementioned back pain)  The good news is I have 3 for Bugs, one for foster pup and of course, one for me :o)  Go 'EERS!!!

I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!  If you do anything fun, please tell me so I can live vicariously through you :o)


  1. Hello! Stopping over from Confessional Friday. What an interesting snack you prepared. I have never heard that combo Do you put the baked doritos on the english muffin or is that on the side? The 2nd might not be so bad. I hope your cold front came and went and you were able to break out the fall clothes!

  2. Boy, did you healthy up that snack. Yum, I miss it though. Haven't had it in ages, but maybe I'll make one! Nicole, as kids we put the Doritos on top of the cream cheese. It may not sound like it, but it really is tasty.

  3. Thanks for stopping in Nicole! I usually put cream cheese and Doritos on top of a bagel but I only had english muffins. It sounds gross but it's SO GOOD!!!