Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh the Joys of Car Ownership...

..and I do mean ownership since my car is now paid off thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from my very sweet parents! WOO-HOO!!!!
Thanks to my dear friend Whitey, I was informed a couple weeks ago that I needed new brake pads...like that week. (How do boys know these things??) Since I was leaving town for Christmas 2 days later, I put it off. After Christmas, I came home for 3 days then left again for NYC. So I put it off. Again. Smart, I know.
Now that I'm back for a while, I've decided to tackle the things that needed to be tackled 3 weeks ago first. Whoever said my priorities aren't straight clearly have no idea what they're talking about. :o)
I decided to go to the service station down the street from my office since I was due for an oil change and figured maybe they could throw in the brake service as well (I was hoping anyway.) So I walk in, ask for an oil change and tell the guy standing there I need new brake pads.
Wellll guess what...they don't change brake pads after 5. Okay. So I ask if I can drop my car off in the morning before work to have them done. This guy who speaks slower than I can stand says "Sure...we...open...at...9."
Seriously?? Who on earth came up with these hours?!? I don't know about ya'll but my "official" hours are 8-5. Which means at 9am I am at my desk. And at 5pm I am at my desk. So I tell him that (in a not much nicer tone I might add,) and in the same painfully slow tone he says "Uhh.. I'll... see.... what's... wrong... with... the...car." I wanted to ask him if he moved any quicker than he spoke but I held my tongue. My parents would be so proud!
30 minutes later he came up to me with a really proud look on his face. I felt a twinge of guilt for snapping at him earlier b/c maybe out of the kindness of his heart he changed my brake pads too???
His exact words: "Ma'am...(I'm younger than you buddy)...you...need...new...brake...pads...." and was grinning at me like he discovered the cure for cancer.
Ya'll, I almost hit him. FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD, I KNOW!!! I told YOU that when I walked in you moron.
Needless to say, after pointing out the grinding noise (the. same. noise. I. pointed. out. to. him.) he insisted I bring my car in at 9. DID WE NOT HAVE THIS CONVERSATION EARLIER?? It's possible I've lost my mind but I SWEAR we did.
Needless to say, I still have grinding brakes. And an appointment to take my car to a different service station.
So please be warned, if you see me on the road in the next 2 days, stay clear.


  1. Yikes! Hopefully... I don't live by you. lol

    I hope you have better luck at the next place!

  2. Haha..don't you just love dealing with people like that in the customer service industry!

    Hope you get your breaks fixed soon!