Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comforts of Happiness...

A fabulous week it is not! I think it's a lot to ask to have 5 good days in a row but a girl can dream right?? To say it's been stressful and exhausting though is an understatement. (I'm such a Drama Queen, ha!)
Lucky for me, I've found a couple things that make me feel like me again, even it's for a short while. In no particular order, here are a few of my stress relieving vices...

I love the treadmill. I put this thing on a high incline, walk as fast as I can and burn the stress away. If my back feels good, I'll hop on the stairmaster too. :o)

This should go without saying. There's nothing a large glass of wine won't cure. Add this to dinner out with friends and I am instantly a happy girl.

Okay, don't judge me. You are looking at my favorite childhood snack! I don't make this often (maybe once every 6 months??) but when I do, I love it just as much as I did when I was little. I don't remember how my sisters and I came up with this concoction but ohmygoodness it is good!! And yes, you are really looking at a bagel with cream cheese topped with doritos. While I realize there is nothing I can do to make this "healthy" I at least now make this fabulous snack/meal with a whole wheat bagel, baked doritos and low fat cream cheese. Every lil bit helps, right? :o) (Seriously, ya'll need to try it. You'll thank me later!)

PS-I didn't mention the obvious things that make me feel better like family, friends, Bugaboo, a good cry session because well...those things are obvious! So please don't think my happiness depends on a treadmill, a glass of wine or a bagel with doritos. B/c let's face it..that would just be tragic! (At least the bagel with Doritos thing would be...the treadmill and wine are arguable.)

What do ya'll do to feel better after a rough week?

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  1. That is so funny! I had a bagel w/ cream cheese and doritos almost every day of high school for lunch!! love it :)