Monday, January 17, 2011

Just another night in Hollywood...

So I have to say, I wasn't super impressed with the Golden Globe fashion last night (I'm sure the stars are losing as much sleep over it as I am, ha!) Every awards show I usually have at least one celebrity I would love to be just so I could leave the house looking like them. This time I didn't...of course, everyone was still gorgeous (it is still Hollywood!) and I still enjoyed the E! Arrivals Show. :o) Here are a few of the gowns I did like:

I love it when people try something new. Anne Hathaway looked gorgeous and confident in this trend inspired gown. I feel like she usually wears pretty and traditional pieces so I'm loving this change!

Catherine Zeta Jones. This woman is the epitome of class. The color is fabulous and I absolutely love the body of the dress. Seriously, she couldn't look bad even if she tried.

Eva Longoria. I adore her. There were mixed reviews on her dress, with some saying it was too much drama. My response: Ya'll, it's the Red Carpet. Where else can you do drama (and get away with it)??

Sigh. The perfect Princess dress. I thought Olivia Wilde looked gorgeous and this may be my favorite of the night. I love the sparkle and shine and the chocolate hue makes this dress completely fabulous.

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