Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Favorites

I don't know about other parts of the country, but in Dallas, Tx, it is OFFICIALLY summer! And considering it isn't even June yet, I'd say we Texans are in for one HOT season. In honor of the recent temps, I'm posting my can't-live-without/must-needs of the season. What are ya'lls?

Fav Thing #1: Sonic Lemon Slush
OMG. For all you lemon lovers, I'm telling you, this is heaven in a cup. I allow myself one (maybe two) a week and let me tell ya'll, when I pull into that drive thru, I am a happy girl. Perfect lemony goodness.

Fav thing #2: Pool Time!!
How amazing does this place look?? I love going to pool parties in the summer. (It's great motivation to spend some quality time at the gym too, ha!) The place below is the Urban Oasis at Hotel Zaza, a very popular place to be. Great drinks, great people watching and how could you not be happy lounging on one of those comfy chairs??

Fav thing #3: April Fresh Downy Febreeze
Weird thing to be on my fav list, right? I love, love, love the scent that comes out of this bottle. Obviously, I'm super scent sensitive (uumm hello...I carry deoderant in my purse!) so I'm obviously all about lighter scents in warmer months and heavier ones in the winter. This febreeze scent is summer in a bottle. It smells like downy..fresh and clean with a slight floral scent. I spray it everywhere just because it makes everything smell so good!!

Fav thing #4: Yoplait Delights Lemon Torte
Here we go with the lemon again, right?? I am always looking for ways to curb my lemon obsession. And by that I mean, find substitutes for my lemon jello cake cravings, lemon bar cravings, lemon cheesecake cravings, etc. This yogurt is amazing. I was skeptical at first because I have high standards for anything lemon. This passed my test. So good! And thank you Yoplait, for creating something that I can eat everyday guilt free!!

Fav Thing #5: Flip Flops
I live in flip flops all summer. So comfy, so cute and they work with 75% of my wardrobe. What more can a girl ask for??

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