Sunday, May 16, 2010

Food Poisoning is the Devil

So I've discovered the best diet ever. Just get food poisoning and you won't want to eat anything ever again. Not exactly a healthy diet but on the bright side, I've never felt skinnier.
Is it possible to get food poisoning from frozen food? I ate a Lean Cuisine for lunch on Thursday. And about 30 minutes later I felt weak, shaky, sweaty and nauseous. I'm anemic though and sometimes I feel like that (minus the nausea) if I haven't had enough iron. So I took an iron pill and drank some orange juice to get some sugar in my system.
Then I went to meet Jana for sushi! Ha, I couldn't have been feeling that bad, right?? I did feel better after I ate with her so I figured it was the iron thing. wasn't. I'll spare the details but let's just say I'm never eating a lean cuisine ever again. Even if it wasn't that that made me sick, I still won't eat one. Frozen food shouldn't do that to you though, right?? Isn't that the point of freezing food??
It's Sunday and nothing sounds good...still! I've eaten more chicken soup than I care to think about and more pretzels and crackers than I care to admit. But nothing sounds good! Do ya'll have any remedies?

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