Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend with my Momma

My mom came into town on Thursday for a few celebrations, all of which convienently, and coincidentally, were this weekend!
Friday morning we went to my adopted hometown of Southlake, which is about 30 minutes away. We met up with my mom's friend Ms. Pat, ate lunch at Corner Bakery, walked around town square and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by Ms. Pat's gorgeous pool. I put this picture up on Facebook...

and promptly got a call from Jana wondering where I was with the beautiful lounge chairs and perfectly manicured lawn. :o) Little man didn't enjoy pool time as much as I did but I think he was just bitter that I gave him a bath. Poor guy...it's hard to be beautiful!
The first official celebration was my "brother" Cameron's high school graduation party on Friday night. The Brennans moved in next door to us in 1996 and the rest, they say, is history. We adopted them and they adopted us. They have 3 boys (Cameron is the oldest) and we have 3 girls so it was perfect! I love that even though we haven't lived in that house for about 8 years now, we still treat each other like family.

Me, Cameron and Mom
The party was amazing and Melanie went all out. And I do mean all out...please take note of the customized M&M's!

Saturday we drove to Houston for my cousin Nicole's Confirmation. If you're Catholic, do you remember your confirmation name? My mom couldn't remember her name, let alone mine. And I don't even remember taking one! How bad is that?? BAD!!

Us at Church before the ceremony. After a lot of food, a little bit of wine and lots of dessert, we headed back to Dallas/Southlake on Monday.
We had a delicious Mother's Day dinner at my mom's favorite restaurant on Monday night with Ms. Pat and Melanie and then had a slumber party at Melanie's. I don't care what anyone says, you're never too old for a slumber party. :o)
I had Toby with me the entire weekend and I was one proud momma. He did so good!! Little man needs a backyard. He loved runnin' around all weekend without a leash on and he could go wherever he wanted as long as I could see him. I didn't have to worry though. He always came back to me whenever I called him with an annoyed look on his face like "what mom?? I'm playing!!" It cracked me up.
It looks like I'm gonna have to start making use of friend's backyards because unfortunately I'm not getting one anytime soon!

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  1. i heard if you can't remember your confirmation name you have to do it all over again from the beginning. that's just what i heard.


    st. christopher