Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catch 22

So this thing called life...kinda not so fun sometimes right? Especially this whole adult thing...I miss the young days. And even when I was young, I missed the younger days. Guess it just goes to show you need to appreciate what you have when you have it, right?
My parents taught my sisters and I a lot of things at an early much I have always hated to hear it (and still do), I am very grateful my parents taught me early on that life just isn't fair. (That's not to say it isn't great at the same time.)
Amongst the other things they taught me: things happen, learn from them. Don't be a victim to anyone or anything in life. Humor goes a long way to make difficult things less difficult. Don't take yourself too seriously, no one else ever will. They also taught me life is's not always and ever a field of roses. To know and appreciate the good, you have to experience and learn from the bad, right? In hindsight though, who wants to have a life of all good things? How can you really ever know the good things if you don't ever experience the bad?
That being said, I kinda had a rough day today. Not in the lazy-I-don't-wanna-get-outta-bed-kinda-way but more in the lets-think-of-everything-I-don't-like-about-myself-and-focus-on-that kinda way.
After I was done focusing on those entertaining thoughts, I decided to just go with my mood and focus on anything that has irrationally irritated me lately. (Please notice I did say these were irrational thoughts. I am well aware that you may leave this post thinking I've lost my mind. It's absolutely, 100%, completely possible.)
Let me preface by saying I am well aware that there are people who take advantage of things. I know some people are perfectly content living on unemployment and willing to take advantage of any opportunity they might benefit from. And businesses and people need to protect themselves. But I think it really stinks that everyone has to abide by these rules because of the idiots that the aformentioned people are.
Thought #1- For people who pay their bills late because they don't have the money. Who was the selfish moneyhog who thought of charging people late fees?? Granted, if you have a job and can afford to pay your bills on time, you should be charged a late fee b/c you're probably just being lazy or forgetful. But what if you're paying late because you don't have the money at the said time the bill is due?? What idiot thought it'd be smart to charge people more money when they don't even have the money to begin with?? Ever hear of a grace period?!
Thought #2- My bank is charging me a $10.00 fee because I don't have any money going into my account by direct deposit (i.e. a paycheck.) What heartless prick decided it'd be fun to kick someone while they're down? I already don't have a paycheck. But sure, go ahead and please take $10.00 of my unemployment money for maintence fees. By the way, would you mind telling me exactly what my maintence fees are paying for??
The following thought has nothing to do with unemployment.
Thought #3- The ridiculousness that is America's fat epidemic. (I told you I have a lot of time on my hands.) Let's start by realizing that healthy food is NOT CHEAP OR anyone! If I didn't care what I looked like or how I felt, I'd buy the cheap fried chicken fingers in the frozen section at the store and the 2 for $3 bags of Cool Ranch Doritos and live off that while I'm on unemployment. Unfortunately, I care about my looks and health so I work with my budget to buy healthy food which by the way, doesn't come in 2 for $3 bags in any way.
Just a perfect world, a healthy and yummy fast food restaurant would be on every corner, banks wouldn't charge ridiculous maintence fees, and you'd only have to pay late fees on bills because you were lazy or forgetful. A girl can dream, right??


  1. sigh. don't you wish we could crawl into your colleyville bed with the hearts bedspread and play where the whole world comes over?

    i do.

  2. I want to live in this world you speak of. Let's move somewhere remote and create it. Uninhabited island, perhaps? You can run the bank. I'll open a restaurant.

  3. Lauren- I definitely do. But I totally got jipped in that game!
    Jana- I'm in!