Friday, April 27, 2012


I am a terrible foster mom.  And blogger.  And let's face it, this list could go on.  But in the interest of keeping this post an acceptable length, I'll spare you.  The true point of this post is that I have a new foster baby!  And I haven't even blogged about her yet!  Bad foster mom. Don't worry, I've apologized to her as well. She was very forgiving.
So who is "she?" SHE is an adorable sweet baby, about 13 weeks old and we believe she is a lab mix. Her name is Maya...she also responds to MayMay, May-girl and Pretty Girl. Because all dogs in my life have at least 3 names. What can I say, I like to keep things interesting. :o)

Other things to know about Maya: she sleeps through the night (HALLELUJAH!!), she loves her rawhides, she lives for her walks and she's a Foster Mama's girl. This girl is also 1000% puppy complete with clumsy sprints across my kitchen and constant (unsuccessful) lessons that hardwood floors are slipppery. And both of the above are constant sources of entertainment for me! (Only cause she doesn't really get hurt.)
This beauty will be available in a few weeks!  If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting her, please e-mail me at

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