Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Spring!

Sorry for the blog neglect, loves.  It wasn't intentional.  Life and work came along and kicked me on my booty so here I am, begging for forgivness.  Please?  With a cherry on top?
And just because I really have missed ya'll, here are a few updates/confessions from the past few weeks:

**THE PUPS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED!!!  I know you're secretly happy because now maybe I'll talk about something else, and I promise I'll try, but for this milli-second, I'm gonna talk about them. :o)  The little ones went to separate homes and are doing very well.  Much better than I did at first.  I was smart though, and explained to each adopting family that the pups and I are a package deal. Thankfully, everyone has been very accomodating with pictures and updates which makes me a very happy foster Mom.

**3/4 of my family are in town for Easter weekend and Katie, my youngest sister, likes to refer to this as a psuedo-reunion because she's the one missing.  Little does she know she's actually the lucky one because the real purpose of this trip is to help me finish the house.  And when I say help me, I mean I'll be at the office working while the parentals and my sister are doing the manual labor.  The one snafu?  We forgot to tell my sister Lauren what she'll be doing while she's here.  OOPS! 

**Lauren looked at me when we were at the grocery store last night and rightfully so, declared me a mess.  I have scratches on my arms from bathing the pups (have you ever tried to bathe 2 pups who DON'T like water??), I have a bruise on my leg from Billie's new brother and a scar on my nose that makes me look like Rudolph from when Billie bit me on the nose.  Walking.  Disaster.

**Have ya'll ever gotten on your own nerves?  Yes, you read that right.  I've had a couple days like this recently and they put me in an incredibly bad mood.  Seriously, what are you supposed to do when you bug yourself??  It's not like you can walk away from the situation.  So I've done what any rational 30 year old woman would do.  I poured myself a glass of wine.  And yes, even that annoyed me.      

**I have a ton of posts planned in my head, I just need to find the time to actually write them.  Coming up:  Pinterest Love, Favorite Spring Trends, Recipes to Try, Updated House Pics, Blogs I Love.  Expect them in the next year or two.

I hope ya'll are fabulous!  Thank you for sticking around even well, when I haven't. :o)

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  1. Ha, slight snafu. You get one more day out of me (more as a thanks to mom and dad for the two week vacation they gave me and the epic heat/bulls game they treated me to) and then I'm bailing for greener pastures, aka lunch in Trophy Club.

    And you are a total mess, Rudolph.