Monday, March 5, 2012

Puppies vs. Babies

I need to stop referring to the puppies as "the babies."  At least in public. 
I stopped at the store on my way home Friday while on the phone with a friend.  I know somewhere in there I mentioned the word "babies" and when I hung up, the lady in line behind me asked how old they were.  (I'm sure ya'll know where this is going.)
Not thinking anything of it, I told her 10 weeks and we started talking about sleep patterns and how time consuming it is to take care of "such little things."  She asked me if they were getting used to sleeping apart and I admitted since I was sick all week, I just let them sleep in the same crate so I could rest.
Oh, the judgement. 
I have never seen horror on someone's face until I saw the look this lady gave me.  It was quickly followed by "they sleep in a crate?!"
Yikes, Judgy Judgerson.  Yes, they do.
I was about to be extremely offended until I realized she was talking about babies.  As in, human babies.  (Her cart full of diapers, formula, and baby wipes should have been my first clue.) 
I can only imagine the look on my face when I told her "Oh my God.  I'm so sorry, I thought we were talking about puppies!!"  She let out a small laugh (thankfully) and said "Holy Hell, I was about to ask which parenting books you read." 
We blamed her lack of sleep and my heavily medicated state (complements of the worst sinus pain I've ever had) as reasons why we probably shouldn't be talking to anyone about anything.
Moral(s) of the story: One, the main difference between puppies and babies is puppies sleep in a crate and babies sleep in a bassinet.  Two, puppies are not babies.  Do not refer to them in public as babies.  And three, puppies cost less than babies. In one trip to the store, about $97.38 less.  So if you can't afford a baby, get a puppy.

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