Monday, March 12, 2012

I miss Bob

Who's Bob?  Bob is the only good thing that existed living at my old apartment.  He was our maintenence man.  And oh, how I loved him.  He called Toby "Killer."  Ha!  It still makes me giggle.  Come to think of it, I don't think he ever really knew Toby's name.  Anytime he saw me, he asked how "Killer" was.
Anyway, about Bob.  He could fix anything.  It was pure greatness.  And it was always fixed in a timely fashion.  Complete with a dog treat on the counter for "Killer."  And beyond that?  It never cost me a dime!  Sometimes I miss those days.  Specifically, I missed those days Saturday night. 
Onto the story... 
So, as you know, I have 2 puppies.  They have new nicknames.  I'd like you to meet:    

I came home after celebrating my friend Lee's birthday.  The puppies were NUTS so I let them out of the pen and all 3 furballs (Toby included) were having a great time running around.  Party for all, that's how we roll at "Casa de Jen." 
Anyway, I was sitting on my couch as I watched the puppies climb the stairs, thinking when in the world did they learn to do that???  I swear Toby teaches them things when I'm not home.  I knew nothing was really on the floor so I wasn't too concerned.  As I got up, I heard a door close.  I thought, that's funny, they must really wanna go to bed!  (Their crates are in my spare bedroom upstairs.)
Yeah...too easy.  It was my bedroom door they closed.  How?  I heard them wrestling, I'm guessing they bumped the door and shut it.  And oh, by the way, it has a lock.  THAT WAS LOCKED. Uhm yeah. 
Picture this:  2 puppies crying inside the locked door.  One dog barking outside the locked door.  One human sitting outside with the annoying barking dog with a stack of bobby pins and tools I still can't name googling "how to unlock a locked door without calling a locksmith."
I kid you not.  One hour later...I looked at my phone and it was 3am.  How did that happen???  (Daylight savings time is a b-i-t-c-h.)  I finally caved and called a locksmith.  30 minutes and $275 later, all was well and all 3, (yes, all 3) pups were happy and calm as clams in my lap.  I swear, sometimes I think I my calling as a writer on a sitcom.
Happy outcome, expensive night.  The silver lining (other than all pups being okay?) was the fact that the $275 WASN'T my bar tab!  I'm such an adult :o)     

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  1. Girl...this is totally something that would happen to me. These type of things happen to me on a regular basis, and are usually expensive :(