Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interior Style: Bedroom

I am moving to a new apartment in August. I think. (Things are still a bit up in the air.) But I am so ready to be somewhere new. Whether or not my checking account agress with me remains to be seen.
I cannot stop looking at Interior Design magazines. On top of wanting a new location, I want a new look. I'm about to be 30 (yikes!) and I want to start fresh. New apartment, new interior looks, maybe I'll even go nuts and dye my hair brown. (But probably not...I did that once and it just didn't look so great.)

I love this bedroom. Purple is one of my new favorite colors and I just so happen to already own gold accessories and cream colored pillows. :o) So calm and chic.

Ahem, glamorous and girly. This look is completely different than anything I thought I wanted but I seriously love it!
Picture from Elements of Style
PS-This is a picture from a real campsite in Montana. Who wants to go on a roadtrip???

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