Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My new hobby...

I don't know that anyone has ever called fostering dogs a "hobby" but well..that's kinda what it is to me. I decided since I'm not traveling this year as much as I usually do, I'd like to do something un-selfish with my weekends and "free time" after work. I became friends with a local shelter on facebook and ya'll, I swear seeing pictures on that website is worse than the Sarah Mclachlan commercial. You see pictures of dogs in their cages, their big sad eyes, and an EU date right next to their picture because of overcrowding...I mean, if you want to rip out someone's heart, that's the way to do it. GOODNESS!!
I asked about fostering and volunteering and the next thing I know, I'm driving to meet a dog named Ali who just needs a little bit of socializing and love. Meet little Miss Ali Girl (or Ali G as I liked to call her. My neighbor heard me yelling for her one time and asked me why I named my dog "Allergy", ha!)
This precious girl has been adopted and is now thriving in her new home with her new Momma. :o)

Fast forward a couple weeks and I found myself with this cute little thing... Trixie is about 10 months old and a border collie mix. This girl is a sweetheart.
Along with Trixie and Bugaboo, I have my friend Ashley's dog while she's in Hawaii so it's incredibly safe to say there isn't a dull moment in my house. Thankfully, I'm not home most of the day and neither are my neighbors so they can bark all they want. :o)
I tried to post a video that is the lovable chaos of all 3 dogs but blogger isn't cooperating. Anyone have any ideas how I do that??

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