Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Weekend Surprise

This past weekend, my sisters and I flew to Chicago to surprise my Dad for his 60th birthday.
We all took the day off and flew in around 2:00 on Friday. Thankfully, he called my sister, Lauren, (not knowing she was at the house) and they had a nice, long 20 minute conversation where he happened to reveal he was heading home early since it was his birthday! Thanks for the heads up Dad... When he got home, my Mom asked him to grab a bottle of wine out of the fridge in the basement (where we just so happened to be hiding.) As soon as he hit the landing, we jumped out of our hiding spots and scared the crap outta him. :o) I love the expression on his face in this picture. We got him!

Saturday we went to see some Alaskan Husky sleddogs...these furbabies are absolutely gorgeous. And they live for sledding. We got to see a few in action and before they were allowed to run, they were howling and whining like they were in pain. They were R-E-A-D-Y to go and they did NOT like being told they couldn't run yet! Talk about being was pretty entertaining.

After our Alaskan/Chicago adventure, we spent the afternoon bowling and went to Uncle Julio's for dinner...yes, I flew all the way to Chicago to get Mexican food. :o) (I don't care what state I'm in, Mexican food is always yummy!)

The weekend ended with this...
Sisters toast at Chicago O'Hare Macaroni Grill. That's how we do it :o)

Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you lots and hope you had an amazing 60th!!!

Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend!

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  1. We also found out that I'm a pretty good liar - Mom and Kate were pretty impressed with how easily I was able to pretend that I was home in New York while talking to Dad about football and his birthday plans.

    And, I'd like to note that you can always find me by following the red wine.