Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thank you, Overstock.

I am not patient in my 30s.
I ordered a bookshelf from Overstock.com a couple weeks ago and the massive white box has been sitting in my living room mocking me for about a week now. I finally looked at the directions Sunday night and took note of the "2 persons" needed for assembly. Being the smart girl I am, I decided to wait until 2 persons were present.

Fast foward 24 hours...patience is certainly a virtue. And one I obviously do not have.
2 persons? Hmph. How hard could it really be?

One hour and 2 episodes of Sex and the City later...

I DID IT! A small feat in home ownership but nonetheless, I am quite proud. I haven't attached it to the wall yet because 1) I actually have no idea how to do that and 2) I'm pretty sure it involves a power drill. While I may not be patient, I'm also not stupid. I am NOT touching anything that can drill a hole and requires electricity to do so.
I went to bed feeling quite accomplished only to slam my finger in a window 20 minutes later. I can put a bookshelf together but I can't open a window without hurting myself? Seriously??

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