Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beauty Trend: Ombre Highlights

Ombre coloring can be seen just about anywhere these days...on clothes, bags, scarves, even shoes.
Celebs, of couse, took the look a bit futher and started using a technique called ombre highlights on their hair. That's right people. There's a word for the crazy major root-age you see a few select celebs sporting these days.
When done right (and subtely) I think it's actually a unique and fun look.
I love the color of Drew Barrymore's hair. It's a bit dramatic but still so fitting for her fun and funky personality.

For those weary of the trend, but still wanting to try it, this look would be perfect for you. Subtle highlights on the ends of your hair will give you the brightness you're craving without the harshness of too much color.

Hilary Duff looks gorgeous. I love the subtle contrast and the colors in her hair will easily take you into fall. If you want something that will last through a few seasons, go with her look!


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